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  1. Hopefully you added a few grand to the mortgage to cover boat expenses Just having started fishing the lake, I'm probably not much help, but that has never stopped me before. If you are looking to fish the lake, the Sandy Creek public launch is a great place to start. It's free, and big enough for all sized boats, and in your neighborhood. Of course, fishing the lake means you need rods, and riggers, and weights, and lures, and fish finders, and....did I mention you may need a 2nd mortgage? Did you just move to Rochester, or are you familiar with the area? Silver Lake, Honeoye, Canandaigua, etc are all great lakes to fish for anything from pike and bass to perch. Guess it all depends on what size boat you have, and what you want to do with it. This is a great site for info regarding almost all types of fishing, with a lot of good people willing to offer what help they can.
  2. Same thing to report. Buddy and I used to go out to Wautoma shoal from Sandy and just drift worm harnesses from 30' -15' water. A slow day would have us boating 20+ each in a few hours. That was at least 5 years ago. Since then, we've just stopped going. Can't let your bait so much as touch the bottom, and trolling with stickbaits etc was marginally successful. Wasn't worth the gas to get out to the shoal any more.
  3. It's going to be a "toilet paper over the top" or "underneath the roll" question. Being BRAND new to this, I've read several of the snubber/no snubber threads. I think it will come down to time spent on the water, and actual catch experience. May take a few years to figure out what works best for me/you, but hey, can you think of a better way to spend a few years?
  4. You are the 3rd person I've seen post with a prize winning fish that wasn't in the derby. A friend convinced me to enter....$30 for the summer derby? A lot less than most spend on coffee a week, and coffee doesn't pay money back. Nice fish!!!
  5. Got out around 3:30. Co pilot had us head out to 200 fow. Set 1 rigger with spin Dr. and fly, one rigger with spoon out 50' Both had cheated spoons as well. Dipsy off the side at 220, spin dr and fly. Long story short, 2 small steelhead, 1 young king. All within 220 fow. Lake went from dead flat to 1' plus as a front pushed through and the rain picked up. As we headed in decided to see if the lakers were in. Bounced one up in 80'. Surface temps were 73 or so. Fishing Again? was out in the morning and posted a report. Like him, I have no down temp reports either, but at least yesterday the 200 fow area was working. Still 4/4 beats working.....
  6. Kuba, if you look really close, you will see my weight sitting at 50. Very very faint dotted line on the graph. If it was a fish, he looks like he swam up and down taking a look. Big Dave, if there was a class, I'd be taking some cash home. Oh wait....I didn't register my wife, so today wouldn't count! Irish Wake....don't be a hater
  7. Not sure what it was, but he followed the bait for a good 2 minutes..... I thought for sure the rod was going to pop....
  8. 2 Lakers. Both in 130 fow. One hit on the dipsy out 200 with spin Dr. and fly. The other hit 80' on the rigger. Same thing. Spin Dr. and fly. Went out to 200 fow, screen was dead. Only marks today were between 80-140 fow. Keep in mind it's my 1st season with a boat rigged for the Lake, so to me, it was sweet success!
  9. Not sure if that would be true....the electric/magnet portion of the system will get just as wet driving in the rain I would guess, and one would hope they wouldn't sell/install them on boat trailers if that were the case.
  10. I worked for a company where we towed trailers with electric brakes quite often. I'm not sure if surge breaks are a different beast, but the ones we used had a control unit in the cab that you could adjust how hard the brakes would grab depending on the weight you were towing, (a spin wheel would turn up the "gain" on the brakes, and there was a sliding tab that you could use to manually engage the brakes. If yours has the same type of cab control, the best way to make sure they are working is to just start the trailer rolling, and then use the manual tab (slide it all the way to its stop) but not your truck brakes. If your "gain" is set properly, your trailer will stop your truck, without the wheels just locking up completely. If they lock up, adjust the wheel and try again. Not sure if this will help. Jim
  11. Thanks for the replies! It was 7 strand, and things are back together.
  12. Managed to break my new wire line on my dipsy pole. Don't ask, it was ugly. Question is, it came with a swivel factory crimped to the line. Not sure if any tackle stores/hardware stores sell crimps that small? If re crimping is out, any one know how to tie wire line? I've looked at youtube, and there are vids for splicing mono to wire, but nothing I saw about attaching terminal hardware..... Not sure if a Haywire knot is what I'm looking for? Thanks in advance, Jim
  13. Thinking of heading out Sunday if the winds stays down. Did you keep your cannon balls at 60 and 40, or did you end up adjusting? Sounds like a great day of fishing. Congrats!
  14. We were out yesterday, and saw you and your kayak. Must be interesting landing fish from that platform! We didn't wise up enough to move in shallow. Spent a lot of time over dead water. I'm still new enough to the sport that anything at the end of my line is a plus. Lakers, gobies (I joke of course). This just serves as a reminder that what worked a few days ago, may not work now. Going to try to stop passing over water that could yield fish just to get to where there were marks the day before.
  15. I knew the weather was going to go south today, but according to weather underground, winds were from the south east, and weren't going to really build until late morning. According to the NDBC buoy, when I left the house this morning, waves were still under 1 foot. Figured I could sneak a few hours in before having to pack up. Got to Sandy, and guess what? Winds from the North east, and although no whitecaps at the time...big rollers. Since I was there, decided to give it a shot. Made it out to 50' of water before deciding it just wasn't happening. Came back in and tried the mud line just because I was there....no luck. Came home, and still, the Ontario buoy showing waves 1'. Weather underground showing wind STILL from the SE. Lesson on conditions not being what they are supposed to be learned. Boat was a champ. Rode things out nicely. However, think I found my limit as to wave size! http://smg.photobucket.com/user/emanonpettis/media/100_0804.mp4.html
  16. Thanks for the update. Heading out there (hopefully) Friday mid day if the forecast for tomorrow holds. Just finished rigging my first boat for fishing the lake, and can use all the updates you folks want to give. Went out Tuesday. Managed to hook one 20" steelhead. Pretty much a blind squirrel finding a nut I think. Had something smack a dipsy with spin Dr. and fly, but no hookup. Ah well, with repetition comes experience. Hoping to do a LOT of repetition this summer.
  17. Being relatively new to the sport, my cohort and "captain" yesterday pointed out the we were fishing flies with flashers off the downriggers, and CHEATERS with spoons, and not Stingers stacked on the downriggers. The rest of the report is as accurate as I remember. My apologies to the captain of the "Irish Wake".....
  18. Went out around 3. Only boat on the water. Set up two riggers with flies and spoons on stingers, and a dipsy with a fly and flasher off the side as well, worked from 100-140 fow with gear set between 40-60'. Hooked up with a nice 10-12# king on the dipsy but that was it. Thunderstorms chased us off around 6. Still beat having to work.
  19. 5 years old, used twice a year for a total of 10 days a year. In excellent condition. Used on 12' john boat that was sold, buyer didn't need the trolling motor. Discontinued model, but I've looked up parts and there should be no trouble replacing a prop if you ever needed to. Previous offer to buy withdrawn, so I'm reposting. Withdrawal had nothing to do with condition of the motor.... Chili NY, pick up only. Asking $100.
  20. Thanks for the link. Just what I was looking for! Jim
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