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  1. Docks are in. Great day on the water weather wise. Headed east to avoid running over the same water other boats were. Warmest water was 40.3....at the mouth of Sandy, and in one pocket about a mile East. All the fish came in that 40 degree water. Rest of the temps were 38-39. 3 Browns (one at 8 pounds) and a Laker. Didn't get out until 10, so again, time of day may have kept it slow. Still, beats sitting on my butt. Thanks to the wife for an awesome job on the net, and the driving.
  2. Glad we ran into you. If I hadn't seen how you pull off landing without the docks, we would have turned around and headed home. Hope to see you out there in the future. We just picked up a marine radio, so if you have one, you can give the Blind Squirrel a shout.
  3. I may have an issue. Unless I respond to my own post, it shows 0 views and 0 replies. I have two items for sale, and ran into the same deal. Until I posted a price break on each, it showed 0 views. After that, suddenly it showed a fair amount of "views". I'm betting the same thing happens here? Anyone have this happen? Do I have a setting goofed up? Thanks in advance....
  4. Willing to cut price if that's the sticking point....
  5. Opening measures 24 x 24, total length 6'. Net is in excellent shape, just bought a newer net so this one needs to find a new home. $35 "lands" you this net. Pick up in Chili (Rochester), or will meet locally.
  6. Approximately 8 years old. Used twice a year to push around a 12' john boat for a few days on vacation. Very few hours on it. 36 pounds/thrust. 5 forward speeds, 2 reverse. 36" shaft. Great for a canoe, or anything up to 14'. Moved our 12' around nicely. Sold the john boat, but kept the motor to sell. $60 to a good home. Paypal accepted. Pick up in Chili (Rochester), or meet locally.
  7. No docks, so bring waders. Channel was clear of logs, and only a few floaters out on the lake. Went west and east. Warmest water we found was 43, both surface, and 6 feet down at the probe. Decent amount of muddy/mixed water in both directions. Coldest was 38 degrees. Was suprised by the lack of surface crap, given the fair amount of rain from Thursday and Friday. Never had to deal with fouled up lures. Slow day, only 3 takers, all in 42 degree water. (However, we lazed around waiting for the air temps to rise so didn't get out until after 12). All hit on different rapala colors....white, perch and baby bass. Two guys leaving before us said they had better luck with spoons, but I left those home, (of course). Regardless of the lack of fish, awesome to be out this early, and on a day that even the wife was warm enough to stick it out for a few hours. Considering we had over a foot of snow on the ground this time last year....
  8. Here's the video. Not sure how many times the battery will winch up my 12 pounders however. That and the added clutter of the drill and spare batteries in my 18' Tracker....ugh. I have an older set of unitroll 6's, and I SWEAR I saw a pdf somewhere on installing an electric conversion kit. However, when I emailed cannon, they said no such conversion kit exists....at least for my ancient 6's. After a few years of hand cranking...I now look almost every day to see what electrics may be up for sale here....
  9. I've never understood the mentality of keeping a daily limit of any type of fish, especially the predator tier. What has taken years to accomplish in growth can be undone in 3 minutes of fishing, and to do so several times a day, several times a month, just seems to fly in the face of common sense. I've seen pails full of 5 inch perch, I've seen stringers with limits of good sized, healthy pike/walleye/bass, who's genes are now gone from the pool. I've also listened and seen these same people bemoan the lack of good size perch/pike/bass. Just because we can, doesn't always mean it's a good idea to do so. I'm not saying keeping fish is horrible, I do it myself. But it just seems that not enough people think about this: If everyone out there has a good day, and catches and keeps a daily limit, how long can a fishery survive? It's easy to blame the DEC for "letting" us take those limits, but human greed seems to play a much bigger part in the overall scheme of things. Sorry....I'll step down off the soap box now.
  10. Wont the weeds just trail down the leading edge and hang up on the 90 degree wings at the bottom?
  11. Ouch. Must have missed that they stopped making electronics. I've used this site to buy clincher ends for the coated cable....seems they still have inventory. http://www.esgdirect.com/trolling.html
  12. Thanks! I was just curious. I have a 2002 Tracker, and I'm guessing at some point I will need to be aware if it's happening.
  13. Okay, here's a dumb question. How does one know the transom is in need or replacing?
  14. They don't let you preview them, but found this link. It's the Lake Ontario Souther Section on the lower left, including Braddocks. Hope it helps? http://www.lake-maps.com/printed/states/newyork/maplist.htm
  15. The recoil of firing the shotgun is WAY more violent than any type of vibration or jostling your gun will suffer under any type of normal use. If you tightened the rings down nice and tight (don't over tighten, you can literally squeeze the scope out of whack if you do) you will be fine. Soft cases work just fine. As for dry firing, it is possible to break the firing pin. Not real likely, but possible. (I've done it). When you pull the trigger on a loaded gun, the primer absorbs the energy the pin has when released. Without that primer, the pin expends the energy on itself, and over time, can actually weaken and cause the pin to snap. (It was an older pump 12 ga. Ithica, but I can still hear to this day the little "plink" the busted end of the firing pin made as it hit the far wall after breaking).
  16. Troutman87 is a solid maker of rigger weights. A lot of people have done business with him, as have I. I use his torpedo shaped weights, and they are basically a bullet shape with a tail for straight tracking. I purchased 2 12 pounders from him last year with shipping for I think (don't quote me on this) $89. The run straight, and are great quality. As for your maximum weight, your manual should have it, http://www.motocraft.gr/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/MAGNUM5STMANUAL.pdf (I think this is the one for your set). If not, contact Cannon directly and ask. They usually respond within a day. Good luck!
  17. I think the difference between drift bags and our buckets is going to be the size of the opening. Bigger opening means higher volume of water, hence larger exit holes. Other than the hole the tip line runs through on mine, I have no other holes.
  18. Ah, now I need to reveal the true "low tech" I employ..... I use a 3/8 line to attach to the metal handle of the bucket and then tie off to a forward cleat to get the right distance down the side of the boat. About 2/3 the way back on my 18' works well for me. Other than the one time I forgot to pull the bucket in, I've never had an issue with them letting go, and even then it just bent the handle a bit.... . I just use plain clothes line for the line through the bottom of the bucket. I had some old fiberglass plow markers (1/4") that I cut into 6" lengths. Feed the line through the bottom of the bucket, tie to the stake, and that's it. Thinking about it, I'm going to widen my hole to an 1" or so, as I have some issues with suction not letting the bucket release as I pull it out. I let the bucket out, along with the "tip" line. Tie off the bucket and the tip line. (Tip line will be a few feet longer to let the bucket face into the water freely. When I'm done, I just pull the tip line. The bucket comes in bottom first, and (especially with a bigger hole) once you get the bottom out, air gets in and breaks the suction. Hope this helps!
  19. I just have one small hole in the bottom of my pails. I run another rope through that hole so when I retrieve them I can "tip" them instead of hauling 5 gallons of water out of the lake. Only rarely do they bump the boat, and I'm going to guess it doesn't effect the fishing any more than the sound of the outboard does. 2 buckets will get my 18' Tracker with a 75 hp down to 1 mph or less.
  20. I just bought a radio and have the same question. We put out of Sandy in Hamlin. Would be curious as to what channels people use? Or are people pretty private about what the talk and share with others?
  21. Went out yesterday and beat the water up from 200 to 500 fow without a nibble. Went out today, and after a really slow start...yep, the title says it all. First fish came on a black spin Dr. with a silver with green stripe spoon down 111. (I'm guessing at the angle of scope, but doing the math, I was probably only down 85 or so). Biggest fish of my life, (and the fact he's half as big as the leader on the LOC board right now just makes me want to quit my day job) at 16 and change. Lost 2 more on a dipsy out 275 with another green and silver spoon. The 2nd one lost the hook 100' behind the boat, and was lying there exhausted. Made a crazy ivan to come back to net him, but too slow. Got within 50' of it when he recovered and swam down. (Grrrrr.....). The 3rd one came out of the water 200' back, and was gone. Given the fight he put up, (was out some 450' or so at one point) and how tired my arms were, I'm going to guess he put my first one to shame. 2 Steelheads on the same dipsy. We waypointed each hit, and I still can't believe it. All were less than 1/4 mile from each other. All in 425-435 fow. It's been 3 years in the making. May be a slow day for some, but for the wife and I, best day ever.
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