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  1. dpramsdell

    Sold / Closed Wire rod setups

    I have 2 9ft. ugly sticks with Twilley tips both have Cabela's depthmastergold reels with line counters one is spooled with wire the other 30 lb test big game monofilament for $125.00 plus shipping
  2. dpramsdell

    Wanted Cannon Swivel Mount Wanted

    I have a cannon swivel base with the block that the downrigger slides into attached to base fro $40.00 plus shipping
  3. dpramsdell

    Sold / Closed misl. equipment

    drift sock mailed should arrive on 5/25 tracking no 9114901496451823751965 Thank you
  4. I have a 57 lc exactly like it with very little use you can email me @ [email protected] if interested
  5. dpramsdell

    Sold / Closed misl. equipment

    please send complete mailing address
  6. dpramsdell

    Sold / Closed misl. equipment

    please send check 25.15 Paul Ramsdell 1938 Athens rd. Hartland Maine 04943
  7. I still have the one I had as person that wanted it never heard back from him , all boxed up with 4 ball holders $45.00 plus 10.00 shipping if your interested
  8. dpramsdell

    Sold / Closed misl. equipment

    $10.15 shipping I believe will be the same just package to Rochester and that's what it cost
  9. dpramsdell

    Sold / Closed misl. equipment

    will get shipping cost Monday whats your zip code
  10. prices do not include shipping 9 tite lok multi position rod holders 175.00 /25.00 ea. pedestal base for grills /etc.20.00 38 inch drift/trolling sock 15.00 aluminum plates 50.00 4 ball holders 20.00 cannon swivel base low profile 35.00 . fighting belt 15.00
  11. 3 cannon downriggers with deck plates, swivel bases, motor covers ,telescopic booms ,ball retrievers and male connectors with in line fuses $800.00 plus shipping I'm located in Maine sold boat email [email protected]