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  1. Water was insanely warm thanks to the north winds. Took a bit last evening but we dialed into some matures including a triple header with the biggest being 21 lbs.
  2. The wednesday we did okay was 100-130 with bite being between 50-70. But on the sunday east wind had pushed warm water in, and inside 130 it was 48-50° on bottom and so were the fish. Hope the last few days of west wind have moved it.
  3. We were out on Wednesday the 12 evening and went 6/8 between dalhousie and weller. Out again sunday the 16 evening and only got 3 shakers.
  4. They were looking for salmon because it was the king of the lakes tourney. Big Money on the line
  5. kings are showing up, inside 80 ft seems to be the ticket. my buddy got a nice one in 35 ft of water even.
  6. we caught this atlantic last week on Canadian side south shore.
  7. buddy of mine got a bunch of kings off weller around 190 ft. no size tho.
  8. thanks, ill try that. I was afraid to muck up a brand new rod.
  9. having great luck with kings on braid divers, now the fleas have arrived so I recently purchased a shimano tdr 9' MH to hopefully run wire line. the tip looks to be all sealed around the guide. I tried heating up the guide and tip with a lighter but it would not budge. anyone have experience modifying these rods or better off buying another one that it will remove easily.
  10. ho's n bows in the mix now. hit 13 fish the other night, no size really, but fun if you wanna keep busy, kept the riggers down deep for the lakers, and divers, leadcores high for the rest.
  11. yeah we stayed in em, and went 4/6. a nice 15 lb king that took the 10 color out to 700+ feet lol.
  12. did you mark any bait, when we were out tues eve we marked lots of baitballs.
  13. no reports there. lots of salmon weighed in last weekend in king of the lakes, but those guys stay tight lipped. kings are out there though
  14. last 2 outings I have ran a church board with stickbaits and I cannot get it to track smoothly. the board hops and digs on dead flat calm days. on outside turns it skips across the water. I have adjusted the sliding weight from center to all the way back and no change. is this normal or is it better for slower trolling? speed usually 2-2.3 mph. it catches fish its just hard to tell when the small ones hit
  15. were you guys in the pack off pt weller? we headed towards daley this afternoon, but water was gin clear and 38 dg. didn't go in tight, instead trolled to weller where we found 45 dg temps. salvaged the trip with a 16 lb greaser.
  16. port d, to Jordan and back. best action off daley, but that was a week ago, who knows now.
  17. we went out on the Friday the 17th in the aft, 4 kings, 2 browns. guys were pounding bottom and getting easy lakers out a bit deeper. haven't heard much lately tho.
  18. bows are being caught mixed in with the salmon in the river, have not heard anything about browns yet
  19. we ran a jet down the chute last year before adding cores. it picked up a few bows in the summer and a couple staging kings in mid September.
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