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  1. Details Scottie on depths lures etc.? Sent from my SM-G900W8 using Tapatalk
  2. Was out Sat from Port D. Went 2 for 5. Most action on green/silver AC Shiner, and one on a blue/silver AC. Barely got to the rod on the 3 misses, and the two were just little pinks. All in about 20' off inline boards, about half way between Jordan and PD.
  3. Where were out of slickrick?
  4. Went out from Dalhousie Saturday. Lots of boats out and a beautiful day. Started in 10-15 fow for a couple hours then moved deeper. Tried pretty much everything in the box, but no luck. Didn't see a whole lot being caught either. Still a great day though. Anyone have any luck and if so, what was the combo?
  5. grangb2

    New from London Ont

    Hey gang- new to the board. Haven't fished Lake O in years... grew up with my dad fishing from Bowmanville to Port Credit, and all the launches in between... Thinking of coming down this weekend, priority one is getting on the water, catching something would be a bonus... given the wind forecast, would I be better off at Port Credit or Dalhousie? Don't want to drive from London and just end up looking at the lake...