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  1. I agree with lowering the possession limit, and would also love to see a slot limit. Jay
  2. Found this big girl in my pre spawn spot today.
  3. My bad. I got the wrong impression from previous posts. Regaurdless, nice fish and good luck.
  4. Seems like I saw that 'bow on another forum :rolleyes: Nice fish! Especially as rare as it is to catch one on that body of water. I haven't made it up there yet. I usually fish 4th hard in March.
  5. They put many nice fish in the boat as well, not just on ice. Just because you don't see pics on facebook, doesn't mean they aren't being caught
  6. I talk to Luke on a regular basis. Him and Nick have there stuff dialed in down there and so things most would not think of.
  7. The way things are going, you might only have 6-8 weeks of ice down there.
  8. Yes they do. The water is low right now, and if oneida doesn't lock up, it will most likely be a disaster there. I usually fish there a bit every season.
  9. Things locked up in the Adirondacks last night. High of 7 degrees all day and -4 tonight.
  10. Nice work. I saw the pic on Facebook. Very well done. I'm getting ready to be on ice Wednesday to go after them.
  11. I'm not sure, but I wish they could be dealt with accordingly.
  12. I had this photo sent to me from a guy who fished the causeway on Otisco this afternoon. People make me sick!
  13. 126 feet putting it down 16. With plenty of line left.
  14. Sweet! I have put the boat away. Getting some nasty weather this week, and figured it was time.
  15. Bondys are awesome, and his style of fishing and baits are very effective. Jigging is a whole other setup and style in its own. Most jiggers use 9' XXH rods with 80-100lb braid, 200lb wire leaders, and 400 series reels. Look up Jon Bondy and how he fishes the Detroit river.
  16. Yes, that's big enough. I asked what time of year you were going because the size of those baits aren't effective all year long. Honestly, I don't fish with baits that large for pike, even though they do work. Depending on where you are headed, that time of year can be tough. Best times are May into June and mid to late fall. I'd be trolling for them if I was fishing in July for pike. Deep diving cranks would be my choice.
  17. Yeah, those type of baits require a real stout rod. What time of year are you going in your trip?
  18. Can you post a pic of the baits? Regaurdless, you will want an 8-9ft XX heavy rod for those. Check out tackle industries.
  19. Yeah, nice guy who owns the place. Good luck, maybe I'll see you out there.
  20. Trolled the Fulton Chain yesterday. The wind I was hoping for didn't pick up until the last hour of daylight. I trolled my good spots during early ice with no luck.
  21. Your weren't kidding. I was up there yesterday thinking the lake would be up from all the rain. No way was I launching in Inlet. I ended putting the boat in at the marina in Eagle Bay.
  22. I suppose it's all in the baits one is running. Fish are still hitting at 2.8+ for me running 10-13" baits. Jay
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