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  1. This time of year i often hook my sinker snap to my planerboard and stretch the rig out horizontally and attach the lead weight to the swivel closest to the boat. Normally running it down 25- 50ft. We refer to it as a wing rig. 5 spoons in a small water column. You can still run leadcore and coppers off the planer line as normal. One day I will post video of my rig setups. I run quite a bit different set up than most. I use 60oz lead weights on my boat rigs. Lesser weight on others. I also hand line my rigs, most Don't. ( bring them up by hand )
  2. Way to go! Gotta love them rigs. We run them all the time. During tournaments we run (4) 5 leader rigs. I have had several doubles( quite regular) and we often get triples. Back in the days of 10 leader rigs I once brought a 10 leader rig in with 9 fish and one broken leader. I've never, ever seen that before. Im not exaggerating, that story is the truth. Nice job on the triple! Do you hand line your rigs in? Or remove the leaders? I love to see folks still using rigs. Glad to hear.
  3. We were also on Owasco yesterday. Fished 6-2 ended up boating 8 out of 12. Took some Lakers on 5 leader rigs, but majority of fish came on leadcores. One nice 26 inch rainbow and lost another at the back of the boat. Pre fishing for next weeks tournament. Gotta love it when someone gives you quality fishing gear for your birthday! You raised him right!
  4. I accidentally left my phone home today, but I will when I get home.
  5. The boat raffle is one of the topics up for discussion. There is a lot of people who believe it should be reconsidered. I will keep you posted as to the proposed changes.
  6. Really surprised here. I thought the Sampson Group would jump on this one! Sept. 20 begins the planning for next year. Lets hear your thoughts.
  7. Sounds good, thank you! Bill, we will keep you on the list. Thank you!
  8. I was hoping you might have something to add here Nick... Looking forward to hearing from you!
  9. Shortly after last seasons derby the Battery L group stepped down from their participation in running the weigh in. Chris and his group were involved in setting up and running the weigh. Also, they kept up the website and tried to keep postings of standings as current as they could. Now, after a recent conversation with Dan Poorman, the Barge Canal Bassmasters are now stepping down. This means Sampson has no volunteers to operate a Sampson Weigh Station. Any volunteers or suggestions would be appreciated.
  10. Les, You made some very good points. Even if the group was to peruse the idea, I don't believe it would happen in the near future, as preserving and expanding on the current derby will take a couple years to get under way. But you do raise some good points. Thank you! Looking forward to hearing comments on this and any other derby related topics. Thank you.
  11. Mine did the same thing. I changed the switch but it didn't help. There is a circuit board inside, I believe the board is bad in mine, but that's as far as I got.
  12. Ed, can I ask we you would not be in favor of a fall derby? I would like to hear comments both for and against so that I can weigh both sides of the discussion. Thank you, Jason
  13. All the officer positions are one year positions. Voted on by the by the Board of Directors.
  14. Yes, that's correct. Also, Jeff Franklin is a Vp from one of the banks in Geneva. Good news for Sports o rama.
  15. Good news for the 2017 season! Today brought about new changes to the group. Following are the new officers and board of directors. Officers as follows Bob Stivers: President Josh Westervelt: Vice President Jeff Franklin: Treasurer Tom Willpower: Secretary New board of directors as follows Jason Oakes Mike Burt Tom Esses Kevin Brown Pat Polovic Please give a round off applause to the folks who stepped up to keeping this tradition going! Great news here and awesome potential for future events. Looking forward to hearing your ideas... What about a fall derby? Jason
  16. No John, I was considering fishing Sunday and leaving right after,since Theresa and I worked the lake trout weigh in but were gonna skip this one. Good luck to you on Seneca! Thanks! If we do good, or even if we don't, ill keep it posted. Not my choice of location, we usually go to Sodus , but a family decision... Im probably gonna trailer the boat a couple days, we will see.
  17. Thanks! It will be my first time back to that area since the 90's. I have no idea what to expect or where to start fishing. I appreciate the help!
  18. Going on vacation July 16-23rd in the pulaski area. Any reports from that area? Thank you!
  19. As lure manufacturer's we don't use anything but our products during tournaments, but when we get to "play", and while testing our new dodgers we certainly check out other products. We own several Iron Duke Trolling Flies, however our favorite is the " Fighting Irishmen"! Nice work Mike! Quality product.
  20. Well scratch that idea for us. Just tried to register over the phone, but they won't take registration by phone. Has to be in person by 6 tonight. 3 of the 5 of us are at work, so that's not possible. I guess we will know better next time...
  21. Sounds like I can leave the copper and leadcore home. 5 leader rigs tolerate the weeds better. Especially on the planer boards, they seem to cut right thru weed pods. How bad are the weeds? Are you north end or south?
  22. Who's in!!!! Great Lakes Lure Fishing Team will be arriving Friday eve. We love fishing Owasco lake. Good luck to you all, and tight lines! Come and visit us at South Shore Marina! We can't wait for the fun to begin! Good luck everyone! We hope to see some beautiful fish!
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