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  1. Lure Identification???

    I"m pretty sure it is a Yo-zuri.
  2. for sale : usa SOLD

    I can probably get my brother to pick it up if you don't want to wait.
  3. for sale : usa SOLD

    I live in Ct, but my brother is in in Trumansburg. I will take this if you can wait until September for me to pick it up.
  4. any surface cayuga reports?

    We fished the south end on 3/12 and got a few browns and salmon on boards and also casting. The salmon were small but some of the browns were nice. We also got into a bunch of pickerel.
  5. Heavy Lifting

    A Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. Heavy Lifting

    Great story. What's your guess on the weight of the big one. That's just a beast !
  7. Jigging Report

    I don't see fish too often reach 30" in Cayuga. We have had good success with Cabelas jointed glow jigging spoons. They have 1,1.5 and 2 ounce spoons. You must love catching those big lakers. Good luck !
  8. Jigging Report

    Sounds like a great day Pete. I was on Cayuga last weekend and got some lakers but not quite the size you were getting. Do you fish jigging spoons at all ?
  9. The cold , clear water was slow fishing. Find the colored water.
  10. We were near Perch River.
  11. We fished Black River Bay area out of Henderson Harbor and found some warmer (60 degree) colored water and did very well on walleyes up to 11 1/2 pounds and also cught a stray 6 pound smallmouth, several browns, and a laker. Fish were caught on shallow diving plugs in 12-24 fow on planer boards; and michican stingers with Gibbs weights flatlined out back. Weather was sunny and warm and fish hit all day long. I'm used to sunrise/sunset bite or ugly weather being best. Sometimes it just deosn't matter.
  12. I was fishing around Black River Bay and we saw nets and the friend I was fishing with said that there are a few commercial perch netters left. He said when these guys are gone, no new permits will be issued.