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  1. Small one. Same set up. Let it go and we're calling it a morning.
  2. 10 lb King on same green spoon. 85 down over 160
  3. Lost one. Monkey puke on diver. 250 out over 160.
  4. Decent King on same. Wire diver out 180 over 150 fow.
  5. 2 steelies so far on green spoon with white ladder back. 50 down over 120.
  6. How much? I'm interested.
  7. Is there a sign up required to attend? Must you attend the whole time or can you leave early or arrive late?
  8. I had good luck with the King heads last year. No tuning they just ran. I fished them the same time as one of the other meat rig heads (DW maybe?) and on that particular day there was a noticeable difference between the two in terms of numbers caught.
  9. So I'm looking at the forecast for this weekend ( I know it's early but trying to plan). It's looking like Saturday will be winds from the west with 2 footers, Sunday will be south southeast with 1 foot or less. Which should I be fishing? Small boat so the less waves the better but is west wind better for fishing?
  10. I cut the 1000 ft into 2 500 foot sections and then back each one with enough mono to make the line counter read correctly. I do this by winding it backwards on one spool then winding off onto the second spool with the drag on. I connect the mono to the wire with a small swivel (50lb I think?) that fits through the eyelets without a problem.
  11. My flares are now expired, wondering what everyone recommends ? Is it worth getting the electronic signal or should i wait a couple of years for the price to come down as more hit the market?
  12. Do they have to be Big Jon? I think Cisco makes a gold.
  13. 8/20 Sandy Creek Got talked into towing out to Sandy Creek and am glad I did. Started out in 140 feet of water and set up heading west and angling out deeper. Things started firing at about 175 feet of water. Steady pick of kings and steelhead all morning. We finished up 12 for 15. 2 kings were in the low 20s, the rest were teens and steelies. Kings were hitting on the deep stuff, riggers out 110 and 120 (12 lb torpedos). Divers were out 220-300. We took hits on everything. Early the two face spin dr with stud fly was the thing. The steelies were hitting the wonderbread spoon and a magnum dirty hairy. King meat head rig took a few hits and then they went back to hitting the stud fly. Temperature was in pockets, sometimes it was there and sometimes it wasn't so we ended up doing figure 8s through one small area and took hits almost every time through it. Sub troll was acting up so speed was gps, 1.7 in east direction and 2.1 or so on the west troll.
  14. I got the one I needed. If you were in Rochester and it was cheap enough I might grab it for a spare but otherwise I'm all set.
  15. 20 lber 80 down over 150. Meat behind a chrome Mt dew spin dr.
  16. 7/22 live at Braddock I'm in 175' Seeing marks at 70 and 120
  17. Just checked and that is the one I need so let me know price on shipping and if you have PayPal. Thanks!
  18. Let me double check but I think that's what I need. Any idea what shipping would cost? Or...do you ever get out Rochester way at all?
  19. So looks like I was doing it the right way. I did notice the sign that said 600 feet but at the time I assumed that the whole channel was within that zone. Upon looking at my navionics after I got home it turns out that's not the case but that article seems to say the whole pond is off limits over 5 mph.
  20. Question about Braddock Bay A few weeks ago I launched out of the East side of Braddock bay. I proceeded at 5mph all the way past the last stake until I was in 8 ft of water or so, then throttled up and got going. On our way back in, I watched someone idle out to past the buoy into the bay and then take right off. So the question is, where is it ok to throttle up in Braddock Bay? Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I just want to make sure I'm doing this right without taking an unnecessarily long amount of time. While we're at it, what's the rain today going to do to the fishing this weekend?
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