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  1. Located where? I may be interested in the Uni trolls if that falls through.
  2. I've read they do it that way, or with a leader between the spoon and the hook as well. Usually slow trolled yes, but I believe some people cast with it also.
  3. Going on a canoe trip this weekend where there are brook trout and rainbows. The local favorite up there seems to be lake clear wabblers. Anywhere to buy them here in Rochester?
  4. To be honest it's not really what I'm looking for. I'm hoping for a center console or a walkaround. I just thought I would attempt a humorous way to point out that better pictures might be a good idea.
  5. What are they feeding on? I'm no crappie fisherman so if it were me I would just be trying to mimic whatever it is that they're hitting.
  6. Did Stevie Wonder take those pictures for you?
  7. How much for the pair of dual crank riggers and swivel bases?
  8. That much I picked up on. Unfortunately the references are too inside for a newbie like me.
  9. I was lost about 8 posts ago. Also a slight correction....based on time stamps from photos, Rick's shirt did its disappearing act somewhere between 7:51 AM and 9:20 AM. There were pictures in that time, but not with Rick in them so it's impossible to nail it down any further.
  10. Does it regularly make trips up to the big lake? That's a bit of a haul. If yes, where do you launch from typically?
  11. I don't think it made it that long. He was an inspiration to us all...until the fish stopped biting then we put them back on.
  12. Went out with Randy on the Surestrike on Saturday. Pulled out of Shumway at 5:30. As we cleared the river we turned toward a beautiful sunrise and headed east. Set up in around 70 FOW and trolled further east. Ended up staying between 70 and 120 most of the day in east/west directions. The one time we went deeper we saw nothing. Using a mixed spread we caught a mixed bag of kings, steelies/rainbows, and lakers. Wire divers and riggers took most of the hits especially on cheaters. Hot spoons of the day were mahi mahi on the diver and orange crush on the cheaters. Not much came off the boards, a few but not much. We (I) lost what appeared to be the biggest steelie and salmon of the day very close to the boat but still did very well. We ended up keeping 13 fish and probably let half that many go. Had a great time with Randy and Rick and are already talking about when we're going to head out again. Big thanks to them both for answering all of our questions as we tried to learn the game a little bit.
  13. Great day guys. I was on the Surestrike with Capt Randy and heard you guys hammering them over there. We didn't get into them as crazy as you guys did but we had a steady day with good numbers in the end. It's amazing how something can be working so well a few hundred feet away and not be able to duplicate it and yet have something completely different working for you.
  14. Interesting. I know a couple of people that do a lot of towing with bigger stuff and one in particular that I think was looking for a hitch. I'll mention it to them and pass along the info if they're interested.
  15. What differentiates this unit from one designed to work with electric brakes?
  16. PhlyanPan

    Sold / Closed 2003 lund 18 ft

    Is that the damage there on the port side just behind the LUND? The lighting is playing tricks on my eyes.
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