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  1. How early is early? What time do you guys hit the water this time of year?
  2. Love to hear the report. We're hoping to go out Saturday for our first trip ever on our own. Hope the weather is doable. If it is, we're going to be looking for a starting point and would love some advice.
  3. I think I'd throw it back. The coloring looks all wrong. Could be sick.
  4. Ultimately the plan is to put all 4 of these reels on rigger or pnt to do so. t not in the finances at the moment to do so. t not in the finances at the moment to do so. For now, the stratamasters will go on the wire. The better of the two magdas will be used for the line counter and then the not so good one I will try to count passes for.
  5. The stratas are both within less than a foot. The magda pros are both off by more. One was off by 2 feet in 100 when letting line out, then 6 feet off reeling it back in. The other was off by almost 20 feet in 100 letting it out and 60 feet off reeling it back in. I never did a 200 test.
  6. Sk8man, Fluorocarbon is said to be the least visible of the lines not because of human observation, but because of laboratory testing resulting in quantification of its refractive index as being closest to that of water. IE, light travels through it almost exactly the same as it does through water. So the light doesn't distort (or rather, it distorts the least of any line) as it passes between the two substances. This doesn't address color, and only really applies to clear(ish) water though. If there is dark stained or dark green water, the fluorocarbon will show up as a clear spot in the middle of the mud...which sort of stands out. But then again, if it's that stained the fish aren't likely to be able to see very far anyway and the line is probably less likely to spook them because of its visibility.
  7. Most of the charter captains will run "sightseeing cruises" too. If compensation is involved I believe a person would need a captain's license anyway to do it. Plenty run out of the genny which isn't too far of a run.
  8. Boat came with Big Jon riggers with gimbal mounts. I don't really like the way they work out on my boat and I think I'd like to go to a different setup. I believe they're these mounts: http://www.fishusa.com/product/Big-Jon-Downrigger-Gimbal-Mount Would prefer to look at trade possbilities but would be willing to sell as well. Interested in: Tracks/track mounts rod holders rod/reel combos spoon lots etc. Edit: Located in Honeoye Falls, work in Henrietta. Shipping would be less than ideal but for the right deal it would be doable.
  9. I'm only pulling 1-200 feet off and reeling it in by hand with no reel (ha...see what I did there ?) pressure on it, just hand tension. I doubt it's slipping.
  10. But if I send it out and pull it back in and it doesn't hit zero...doesn't that mean there's an error in there somewhere? How do I trust that the amount of line it says is actually out?
  11. The boat I got came with 3 rods and 4 reels. The 2 reels are magda pro 30 and they're spooled with braid and mounted on the dipsey rod. Other 2 reels are Stratamaster and they're also spooled with braid but mounted on the rigger rods. Question is, which is better for divers vs. rigger rods. I've read a few reviews where people say the SM is better than the Magda. Should I switch them over and put them on my diver rods? Also, I did a couple of tests where I pulled out a bunch of line with the line counter reset and then reeled it back in to see if it would hit 0 again. The magda failed badly every time. The SM was almost dead on every time. Is there any way to fix this?
  12. See craigslist ad here: http://rochester.craigslist.org/cto/5200841879.html
  13. Any idea what brand the drift bags are? Are they specifically drift bags and no trolling bags?
  14. And I guess I'll have to dig out all that foam in there to make room for it? What about accessing the underside of the gunwale? Should I do some sort of hatch on the bottom side?
  15. You think there's enough material for a standard quick disconnect base there if I move it aft 6-8 inches?
  16. Hoping someone can point me in a direction on this. I posted about gimbal mounting a downrigger in the tackle section but this seems more boat related. I pulled out the broken rod holder in the boat and this is what I found: Is there enough material here to get a solid mount to? It's just 2 skins 1/8" thick filled with foam. Doesn't seem very strong to me.
  17. Bloody hell. So much for not breaking the bank. What do you think of these? http://smile.amazon.com/Amarine-made-Stainless-Deluxe-Holders-Fishing/dp/B00ETJD6BI/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1439913493&sr=8-4&keywords=stainless+steel+flush+mount+rod+holder Would they be serviceable if I fabbed my own backing plates and through bolted them?
  18. I'm looking for a good option for a flush rod holder to put a gimbal mount downrigger. Just got a boat and it came with Big Jons on gimbal mounts. Playing with it in the driveway and managed to break off the anti-rotate pin in the bottom of the plastic rod holders that came with it so I need something stronger. Looking for suggestions that won't break the bank, the swmbo is not going to be a fan of spending more money after what we paid for the boat.
  19. I don't believe it's the head gasket. I think it's called the adapter plate or exhaust plate gasket if anything. Who is Hank if you don't mind me asking?
  20. During sea trial run I noticed exhaust leaking from the starboard side of the engine near where the powerhead and mid section meet. Upon closer inspection there was some cooling water leaking as well. Engine is a 2002 Mercury 150 saltwater. How big of a problem is this to fix and how much would it cost to fix? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
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