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  1. Is it the flasher or the fly that's more important Has anyone noticed a pattern is it the flasher or the fly that catches the fish? Which one is more important from a color perspective? Do the colors have to match? Just curious what people's thoughts are.
  2. This is how it's been explained to me as well. Which makes sense why when I see 2'-3' in the forecast it feels like I'm going 4'-6' up and down.
  3. Pretty sure mine is the 10'6". Thank you though!
  4. WTB Daiwa Heartland dipsey Rod Bought a single Daiwa Heartland 2 years ago. Needed it in a pinch and it was the last one in stock at Gander. Found out why, they discontinued them. Anyway, I'd really love my dispey rods to match. Anybody got one they want to get rid of? Alternatively I'd consider trading the one I have for a similar rod that's still in production if someone's in the same boat.
  5. I used the launch on the east side on the 4th of July. I thought it was decent enough.
  6. Just had a break off at the boat. 100 over 220. Black and green spoon with a glow ladder back and eye
  7. Genny 7/2 Finally did a shakedown run yesterday morning. Got a tip to head toward Braddock's and target 125-150 FOW. Set up about halfway to Braddocks and tried west from there. Screens weren't pretty. Tried from 80 feet out to 160 with no real difference. Thermocline would come and go with no real pattern that I could see. Only hit we took was on the diver 350 out on a 2 setting with an orange and purple spoon. Landed a 3.5 lb steelie. From the other reports looks like we were way too shallow. Oh well, boat ran good and it was a beautiful morning.
  8. Just a follow up, I ordered the service manual and tool to pull the bearing carrier retaining ring. After calling 4 separate marine service places in the Rochester area (Waterloo was a little farther than I'm hoping to go) I received 1 quote for $119/hour plus parts to pull it and change all the seals and 3 of the places never even returned my phone call. So much for service.
  9. Yeah I've never heard of changing prop pitch affecting how deep it runs in the water. Sounds like hoey to me. Ask the dealer if he's willing to bet the prop on it. He gives you the prop he thinks will work. If it does, you pay him for it. It it doesn't....
  10. Motor is a 2002 Mercury 150 Saltwater series if that helps. Anybody know a good source for the carrier bearing tool cheap? Or a place to rent one? Or an easy way to make one?
  11. Water in outboard lower end oil, what to do? As the title says, I found water in my lower end oil. Did a DIY pressure test at 10-12 lbs and found air and oil being pushed out around the prop shaft seal. How should I proceed? Can I just change the seal and go or do I need to pull the whole carrier out? What are the chances that there is damage in there? Any advice is welcome including recommendations for a place to take it if I decide to go that route.
  12. Only been at this 2 years now but: 8'-9' range is what I like med to med heavy depending on the rod. Ugly stiks tend to run a little stiff I think. 30 lb big game line. 30 size reel. Yes line counters. No leader for salmon. Yes fluoro leader for trout.
  13. I've used uncle josh pork rind products for bass fishing. Never knew they had anything else. We used to slam the bass in the lily pads with them.
  14. I'm not aware of any charters who can take more than 6 legally. If you find one who says they can be wary and check up on them.
  15. Fished with a charter yesterday afternoon. Ran in 400-450 feet of water. 4 skippys was all we had to show for it. All 4 came on the deep rigger at 90 feet down.
  16. I too have found some issues with inland lakes being anything close to accurate in navionics.
  17. Just wondering if someone can give me a full list of what can be used on a meat rig and where to buy it? Especially around Rochester. I've heard of MC rockets and of course herring but what else do people use?
  18. I got a dexter 10" steak from gander mountain last year for like $18. F***ing damn is that thing sharp!
  19. It's really good pie. My wife makes it in a skillet. SOOO Good.
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