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  1. Hello I have this motor it stated to die out when I was trolling then it would start up again a buddy said its was the coils so I replace them now it will not start at all not sure what to try any help would be gratefully appreciated thanks Charlie
  2. Hello I am from ontario canada looking to buy a 40 hp 4stroke outboard with power trim and electric start that comes with the controls .I am willing to cross the border to purchase ,cash in hand thanks .
  3. I drop the lower unit and got to go back into neutral and reverse took it out today and the same thing happened .is the reverse lock cam the piece that slides in between the forward and reverse gears thanks again Charlie
  4. It's a 1996 merc classic 40 hp
  5. Hello my old 40 hp merc will not come out of forward gear .I unhooked the shifter cable to see if that was it cable was find .put it back together problem was fix went out again drove out to a 100 fow try to shift it to neutral it would not come out of forward again no neutral or reverse just forward.thank for any input I think it rod that goes from the end of the shifter cable yo the bottom end great box just not sure thanks again charlie
  6. Hello I have 16 foot Legend ,I need some help on mounting my transducer for my new F4 fish hawk. I have a 40 horse mecr out board with a 8 horse yamaha mounted to the left of the 40 horse .Now my transducer for my hummingbird in mounted to the right of my 40 horse mecr. ,not sure where to put the fish hawk transducer,Was hopping to go beside the hummingbird ,but worried about the 2 being to close to each other causing feedback to each other .The left side of my boat has very little room with the kicker being there ,the picture they sent with the unit , shows between the two motors . Any input would be nice looking forward to my new toy thanks Charlie
  7. yes that 65000 turns in to 82500 not good really nice boat god luck on your sale
  8. i would  take lot 1 the painted backs one would you ship to ontario canada  k0k1s0, do you do pay pal thanks Charlie

  9. lower gear box hello all .I replaced the water pump on my older 40 horse mercury classic . i watch some videos on this but now i having troubles getting the shifter in the right position had it working backwards drive was reverse ,and reverse was drive.Its looks so easy not sure what i am doing wrong .the videos show line them up in reverse the prop should turn counter clockwise i think i try putting this together about 10 times any help would be great thanks for your help
  10. I have a 16 foot Legend,and a 8 horse yamaha it works great its hooked to my 40 horse for steering very good on fuel payed for itself almost the first years in saving .hope this helps
  11. Hello does any know how to fix my rigger it keeps popping the breaker on the way up,I only run 10 lbs ball don't thing that the problem .Any one know where i should i start to look thanks Guys
  12. All you stuff is cheaper that why you should bring me some up here lol
  13. Canadian tire has the 100 qt Igloo cooler on sale this week end 88.99 reg 149.99 good deal. June 9 to June 12
  14. i guess the swivel goes throw the top eye thanks again
  15. silver fox which knot do you use to tie the two line together thanks
  16. how do you guy store your rods with out kinking the wire [ I have 10 foot poles i need to take apart ] looks like the line kinks when a fold them together thanks for input.
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