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  1. Well done and looks like a labor of love !! Hope it gets all slimed up and good times abound .
  2. Nice fish !! We typically get 18-24" lakers on schroon and some brutes up to 32" on lake George . I love jiggin lakers
  3. I agree , it's a tin boat that looked like all the rivets and hull are in good shape . Super easy to fix any mechanical or cosmetic issues . Small block Chevys and outdrives are a dime a dozen . Heck , I would give it a better look and shakedown myself if I didn't already own an islander and looking for a bigger boat . I know the guy and he is not out there about working a price based on any issues involved . It was just put out for sale this weekend and I doubt it will be there long . I'm not trying to sell anyone anything and as said know nothing about the boat only that I could inquire more info if someone was interested . Rich
  4. I just happen to see this up the road from my house . I don't know any details but could easily find out . It's a 1988 22' Lund aluminum with an I/O . The hull and outter look in good shape but I'd guess it is in need of some repairs of sort , maybe . Asking price was $2,500. It's located in Columbia county ny Rich
  5. Me too. Go figure, I can easily catch lakers through 1 hole in 1 spot but can troll for miles on the lake and get skunked .We were on some ADK smaller lakes in December and the big lakes by January .
  6. I have also been playing with my ice gear and planning the adventures . Last year was a slow start but worked out ok with the lack of snow . Never even put the plow on . Give me ice all day everyday but keep the snow away Good luck this season
  7. Now that looks like it was a fun event !! Wish I was closer . Congratulations to the winners and all that made it happen . Good luck in the future Rich
  8. Pretty good and informative thread . I learned about my boat from Starcraft owners on I - boats . I love the fact that it's all aluminum hull and stringers that don't rot or have uv issues like wood or fiberglass . My fiberglass ranger boat required much maintenance . Tin boats require little . My boats are never inside or covered other then winter because they are on the water - dock . Rich
  9. This is the boat I'm looking at , it 30'
  10. Funny you say that . I found my fuel fill hose compromised as well . What a bad design . It was encased in foam thus trapping water around it causing it ( well ethanol didn't help ) to rot . What a chore to cut the foam around it out . We kept smelling fuel but couldn't find the leak , well after finally finding the issue , all fuel lines were replaced . Every time we filled the tank , fuel would leak and absorb into the foam, bad , bad situation . Just a tip : Make sure when replacing the floor to replace ALL fuel lines , it could be a life saver ..
  11. Phil that's a sweet boat for sure . Good luck on the sale . Do you by chance fish the coeymans area for stripers ? Boat looks familiar , I dock at coeymans Marina for striper season . Rich
  12. My floor was original and most of the foam is ( was water logged) . I can't imagine most out the not being waterlogged due to the poor , poured in construction that didn't allow drain passages in the stringers and bottom of the hull . I only cut enough foam out underneath the floor to allow airspace so that it won't come in contact with the floor . I also took a Sheetrock saw and various tools like metal rods and wire to poke the hull and stringer water drain passages free of foam . Seriously and honestly , I don't believe that the 25 year old foam would keep my boat from sinking anyway . Yes , it does perform some rigidity in some areas but it is not providing any structural integrity by any means . It more of a sound proofing . Rich
  13. My brother in law bought his first boat years ago similar to the sea Ray . It was 28' , paid huge money and said look at my new " fishing boat " . I shook my head and said what were you thinking . It was a beautiful boat but a horrible fishing boat as he realized later. There is no walk around room and very little fishing in the aft . Lots of wasted cabin space that you only use to sleep . After a few years he sold it and bought a brand new 18' center console again for big bucks and said " now I have a fishing boat " . Again I shook my head and said your nuts , you just bought a fair weather bay boat . Again after a few years understainding that it stinks to be out there wet and cold he started looking at 24' brand new trophies for huge money . I said at least your now on the right track . I found someone here selling a very new 24' hard top trophy completely set up for fishing and cruising . It had a 225 hp 4 stroke outboard which is a super bonus . Outboard allows lots of extra room in the back . He and his girl love this boat and I'm happy he finally found a comfortable fishing boat that will allow protection from the weather and comfortable to relax in the cabin . While it's a big boat by sight , he can easily tow with a 1/2 ton pick up and launch, dock and load it by himself . Given that said , as with my 221 islander , it is not a walk around hang out inside cabin . In a few years I will be looking for a larger , wider , walk in cabin and a fly bridge . Obviously not towing . I like the looks of some Parker boats as well . Good luck and hope you find the boat that fits well for you Rich
  14. So if you use 3/4 , in order to fit under the aluminum skirts under the gunnel , you must cut the trim . If you use 3/4 on the outer ( the floor is in 3 sections ) then you must also modify the center section over the gas tank to meet the extra height of the outter sections . Like I said , 1/2 " on the 2 outter sections and 3/4 in the center were from factory . If mine lasted 25 years with a flawed( pouring expandable foam not leaving any air space to dry ) then I'm hoping my replacement correcting the airspace will last my lifetime . Rich
  15. Good deal Steve . Nice to see the boat is off the dock and into fish . Sadly I have to take this weekend off but if your still around next Friday I will be hitting you up for do's and dont , lol Hit em ' hard !! Rich
  16. 1/2 " exterior 4 ply sanded plywood is sufficient . The original mfg was 1/2" . 3/4 would seem it would require modification to fit under the metal sides along the gunnels and transom . The center piece over the gas tank is however 3/4" . There is a drop down of the aluminum supports in that section . Seal it well with primer and coat it well with topside marine paint . I added anti skid additive and hated that as It collects dirt . Ended up sanding that out and re coated with straight topside paint . Not slippery and easy to maintain , just recoat every other season . Total coast , about $200. -300.00 Rich
  17. Just ribbin and great question . Here is my perspective upon reading . Throw everything at them including the kitchen sink . If that don't work then throw in the towel . I have had the towel in hand many times but still haven't tossed it over yet and doubt I will . It's when that rod finally fires , it makes the cycle start all over about how to make it happen again Rich
  18. I own a 221 islander hard top . It's a great all around boat and good starter boat . I fish striped bass on the Hudson and salmon on the Great Lake with others in between . It won't be my last boat , I hope . The pros are weight at 1,800 lbs for towing and with suffecient room to fish 4 adults (5 gets tight IMO ) and sleep 2, we have done 3. To me it's a good working mans weekender big boat . Easily maintained and portable . Now with that said , I'm looking to upgrade to a Great Lakes boat only My wife wants a cabin she can stand up in , I want a more stable ,wider and heavier boat for the Great Lake . We have lots of family and I prefer to pay a dock fee for the season and stay on the boat ( which I do now ) rather then towing all around and having to camp on land . It just works out as a savings on my end which is why I'm trying to convince the wife I need a bigger boat , lol Good luck and hope you find a great boat Rich Ps. I owned a 18' ranger bass boat for years and the wife wanted nothing to do with going on it after I dove under a couple waves with the bow . I used to do bass tourneys . For me selling that boat and buying my islander was one of my better days
  19. Not me , I'm still driving around and searching . Lol . I can say , I don't chase reports and don't like conga lines so guess there is still a lot of exploring to do out there . I will say this site has helped me tremendously in gear , repair , safety and knowledge about the Great Lake as a fishery . With that I want to again, thank everyone for the response of this thread topic . I only hope the fishery will remain and thrive for my kids and grandkids . Rich
  20. All good points and won't disagree . We first started with penn manuals and 6 lb weights , caught fish . Went to 8's and caught fish . Moved to mag -10's and 10# weights and yes caught fish . Been running 12's and the fish disappeared, lol. I don't run a probe - if I did I would upgrade so I could run 14-16# weights . Currents are brutal in summer while trying to remain in temp. Im just rolling the dice , many times I run my rods over the rated # test recommend . Good luck folks and thanks for sharing what parts might fail. Rich
  21. Been coming to Mexico almost weekly since 2 nd week in June - 8 trips so far . Have yet to catch a mature salmon ( 1 skippy ) so Got no pointers to give except the fishing can only get better , right ? Good luck : Rich
  22. I guess it's a roll of the dice . Personally I don't see where extra 2# is going to make a huge difference on the equipment . If you have 10's then just run them . I been running 12's for 2 seasons and if they go then so be it , at this point they owe me nothing . One thing I had an issue with was a bad pulley that would jam the cable and cause the breaker to trip . Fixed and still working fine . Good luck
  23. I am using a 12 lb weights on my older mag -10. Haven't tripped the motor yet . Yes the ones from bikini are awesome !!
  24. If you use wood , be sure to cut out as much foam as possible so it don't come in contact with the wood . It needs air space to dry or it will just rot again very quickly . We have this plactic sheet material where I work . I think it's called duro slide . Very expensive and personally I think it would warp under a hot sun . Good luck .
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