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  1. The wall or mountain is the same. I use Dispys on a #2 setting so they go out from the boat, I sometimes run two per side, one on a #2 and the outside in a #3, but only on calm days with little current and a mostly straight troll in open water. You just have to be careful through boat traffic, I stay away from the congestion,
  2. I was headed out to wall/finger but saw a lot of good suspended marks and set up in trench, fired on cut bait, then three on riggers, last was on wire dipsy flasher/fly
  3. Mirrorcraft87 Good Job From what I hear we did good to get a king today, mosly lakers taken from most reports I ended up with one king 25lbs, one 21, and 18, lost another, and one nice laker.
  4. Well, How did everyone do, I could only fish til 11:00 today and it was a tough bite, flat and sunny is never that great for Kings went 4 for 5 which I thought wasn't bad for 4 hours.
  5. I use them with leadcore, copper and love them with TripZ divers, they work fine landing fish but with a big king you can't pump the rod, I find it best to keep rod tip lower to the water. When I took out either of my bigger Penn Yans I would always use my Big otter boards. Another note, Due to the extra drag of the board heavier pound test is better insurance.......
  6. Picker Pines, What Sandy creek launch are you talking about, the one just outside of Henderson Harbor?? Just curious, I'm fishing out of Henderson on Sunday
  7. Three weeks ago I had four Kings by 9:00am and the next weekend worked my tail off to get one, but I think it will turn on anyday. I have a friend that goes with me every time, and usually it's just the two of us, we hit a King double more times than I can count, I have five on video, but needed to stop filming, lol. I love fire drills, we are waiting to get the triple, and land all three, can't wait!!!
  8. Stick, the usual deep sticks, ie, Reef Runners, Thunder sticks. If the lake temp settles and a thermocline sets back up the King fishing will be good, from what I hear it's getting better by the day. I'm going Sunday after Kings, I can't wait!!
  9. I fished Tuesday, there are some Kings, still been tough but getting better. You may have timed it perfect, it can turn on with the flick of the switch. Also, walleyes are in the usual fall spots, hammering them, smaller size, average fish is 5 to 7lbs, occasionally get a hog.
  10. I agree, I had two braid dipsy set ups and two wire dipsy rods set up, I have ran one against the other when dialed in and running same flasher/ fly, the wire rod would fire five to one over the braid. I respooled and have four wire dipsy combos. Some days when riggers are slow I'll run two riggers and a four rod dipsy set up. It's funny, I went out three weeks ago, hit four kings and 12 lakers all on riggers except one hit the wire dipsy 215 out on a #2 setting. A week later had 3 kings all on dipsy and only lakers on riggers. Some days they hit everything, you never know. As far as the Jet Divers, I just found Tripz divers.... They are a jet diver with a release like a dipsy diver. The best thing about them is they float and do not pull hard, except for the 50. The great part about that is you can set out directly behind boat to clear all lines before it starts diving. I used them early season on boards and hooked a lot of steelhead,browns and even lakers when the water was cold on top. I'm anxious to try them for Kohos that show up a little later in the season in pretty good numbers out of Henderson harbor. They only thing I noticed is buy either clear or Black, I have gold and silver that fish seem to be gun shy off, I'm gonna paint them black also
  11. If you have a newer style chip the smaller card (chip) is inside of it that fits your Lowrance. It slides out of the bigger chip. The only reason I know this is because I purchased a Lowrance Elite 5 with navionics chip included in the package for a backup unit for my boat. I noticed I got the big chip and it wasn't close to fit into the hole. I knew it had to work since it came with the package. I noticed a lip on the big card and got the smaller chip out of it. I'm thinking your bigger chip has a smaller chip in it, unless the chip is like five years old or so.
  12. Hello, I have a friend interested, I myself have a slip in Henderson at Harbors End marina. Anyway just wondering when a good time to look at it. I was going to fish Henderson today in the tournement today but a bad thunderstorm came through this morning and now I'm in my Starcraft fishing inland.
  13. I thought I traveled a ways to fish the big pond but I guess I should feel lucky, I'm about an hour and 1/2 from Henderson and about an hour and 45 from Oswego. I have fished almost every inland lake in my area either ice fishing or by boat and I just can't seem to want to Fish anywhere besides the big pond. I was an exclusive walleye fisherman, don't get me wrong, I've fished for every species, starting fishing young, even spent a few years targeting a nys record Catfish but ended up fishing for walleye or nothing. I would trailer to Henderson and troll all day and catch one or two 12lb walleye, mind you this was during the lull time of year when they seem to disappear, but I never gave up. Everyone else was fishing lakers, Browns or Bass, not me, walleye or nothing. Then I discovered Kings, and I've caught a ton of them in the streams but when I started targeting them on the lake, I don't know what to say..... I'm not happy fishing for anything else, I'll fish Browns in April and walleyes til end of June, after that, I'm after Kings only, Am I all alone??? Does anyone else avoid the marks that are browns or lakers and run an exclusive King pattern?
  14. Patriot,Just Curious, What is the deal with the one in Cape Vincent? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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