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  1. Miscellaneous spoons for sale

    How much for all of them
  2. Oneida Lake Walleye Newbie Questions

    You don't need riggers to fish eyes .One of the best ways is to drift and jig buck tales or sonars jigs good place to look is Cleveland Constantia, .find the fish and set up a drift pattern go past them get set up and drift over top of them and jig .best time to fish for them is early morning sun up or sundown . Best of luck
  3. In need of a mount if any body has one please let me no
  4. Sold / Closed Otter boards

    Will take them joe 315 378 7196 live in Syracuse can meet any time
  5. Big john planer board mast (mount ) and otter boards
  6. Live in Syracuse have cash call me
  7. Please send me address so can attend do you have any fish finders??