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  1. Wished you lived closer to buffalo area !
  2. Are the accudepths sold ? Are they the older model ones ?
  3. What are these knock off releases called ? Thanks
  4. How much for 1 cannon emergency crank handle ? Will this work for oldler mag 10 downrigger ??
  5. Looking for old school renoskys. Some colors are fire tiger and purple and pink and whatever you want to get rid of. Located in Hamburg ny
  6. https://www.facebook.com/groups/342428972616822/permalink/1056789351180777/ Another boat for sale
  7. Contact paul at Bow and Stern in north tonawanda. He gets trade ins and also sells new starcraft fishmasters
  8. What kind of condition are they in ? I will take the other 4 if decent and you will ship ? I am in lake view ny
  9. I might ? How much would you be asking? And were are you located ?
  10. 196 is awesome bought mine in late 2016 and am totally happy. It has 150hp merc 4 stroke and can do 40mph with3 guys and gear. Good luck in your search
  11. I have 1 berts swivel rod tree in buff brite finish. It's brand new never been used .Looks like chrome. Local sales located in Hamburg ny. Willing to meet someone outside of Hamburg within reason.Selling for $300 dollars .
  12. Gonna add some rod holders. Will buy new, but was hoping to find some used ones and save some cash . Looking for 4 berts rod holders either the ratcheting kind or the fixed ones .Pictures are below Thanks
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