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  1. can you text me your phone number so I can call when I get off the water tonight? Thanks
  2. We will be fishing until around 8, I can text you as we get off the water and meet if you would like.
  3. That there is my dream boat. I hope one day to own a lobster or downeast style boat sometime in the future.. good luck with the sale, it's great looking boat!!!
  4. Kicker plate for sale. $40 pickup, Additional cost for shipping. Located Tully, Fayetteville, and Mexico/Little Salmon River for pickup points. 315-952-8755 Thanks Rob
  5. I saw this boat on the trailer. Love the look of it, really great looking rig. Definitely on the short list of my next boat. great name too......Piscivore!!!
  6. Machzrcr The set-n-ready is a sharp boat!! looks great
  7. Spencer

    Sold / Closed PENN YAN 265 PRO HUNTER

    bump for a sweet looking boat. Wish I had the funds and need for a new boat.
  8. I have a friend traveling through and needs some carb work done on a Yamaha outboard 10 hp. He is looking for a marina on Oneida Lake or in Oswego to get it repaired. Any suggestions as to where to go?
  9. Thanks for the tip. we are having the same problem. I will try some better batteries
  10. A great thing you are doing. Thanks for helping the next generation.
  11. Thinking of having my wife and daughter jump on the boat and motor to Oswego for dinner. Is there a place we can pull up and tie up for a few hours so we can get off and have dinner? Would I go to the public launch marina west of the river or go up the river? If up the river, where? east or west side. Thanks
  12. Not mine, but I saw it this morning http://syracuse.craigslist.org/bpo/4997941247.html
  13. awesome! congrats!! she's a good looking boat too!! Now get out there and catch some fish!!
  14. Picked mine up today as well, Well made and were really going to like them. Thanks Rick, my son and I are really going to like these. BTW, our luck changed when we went back out. From a goose egg to two for four.
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