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  1. Full inclusion of Crossbows into the archery season was removed from part GGG of the budget before voting even began.
  2. Thanks for sharing. May I ask what size flasher you were using?
  3. Here's a link for a fishing report out of Olcott. http://olcottfishing.com/
  4. Thank you Carl. Received my tapes today and they are excellent.
  5. Appears the site is due for some maintenance. http://www.backbaymarina.com/backbay-marina-webcam/
  6. KJ, I bought an iTroll in 2013 and used it a little over 200 hrs, trouble free. I would recommend the iTroll. I chose not to get the hunt feature but understand that feature is nice. Good luck in your choice.
  7. I don't have a name for you but maybe you can find some information here. https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=guided+wild+boar+hunts+florida
  8. PeltHunter. Here's a link to a crossbow forum with a wide range of information. http://www.crossbownation.com/forum/
  9. Here's a YouTube video that may give you some ideas.
  10. Mallards are sold. 10 Canvasback decoys still available. $50.00. Sold
  11. Herters, Mallard decoys styrofoam 72's. 2 dozen. Sold 17½" length, excellent condition. $150.00. Buffalo/ Niagara Falls area. Canvasback decoys, wood/balsa, 10 decoys. $50.00. Sold
  12. Here's a link to an old topic I remembered reading. Enter downrigger cable in the search box and you may find more topics as well. I put 150 lb power pro on one of my semi manual riggers and haven't experienced the cable hum. http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/49978-anyone-using-powerpro/?hl=%2Bdownrigger+%2Bcable
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