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  1. My father and I disagree on everything under the sun EXCEPT for fishing. It is the one thing that we love completely - fishing for trout, steelhead, and salmon. We are a team and we work together to make each other better anglers. Not to say our outings aren't without some competitive edge. On everything else in life we disagree, at times its even gone to the point of contempt. Being avid anglers keeps us centered and focused on what's positive in our relationship. Oh, and I like to fight fish! Duh!!! lol
  2. Yeah, all the reports I heard is that we had a *near* complete freeze, but not complete. I guess there hasn't been a confirmed end-to-end freeze several decades. Seneca and Cayuga are hard to lock up!!
  3. Hey Sodus Guy, If you go to Taughannock, be careful on the north point pier. I checked it on Thursday (I live 5 minutes away) and it was still completely covered in ice, and we haven't had very warm temps this weekend. You may want to throw your ice creepers in your vehicle before leaving home. You won't need them on the middle or south points though. Good luck!
  4. Ahab, 1. I see no plausible reason to believe that "all the fishermen at Taughannock are liars." Your inability to catch fish at Taughannock is your problem, not theirs. 2. All the fish are not at CPP. I know this for a fact. That's in part for the reason that Perch Predator mentioned, and in part for the fact that trout behavior is so much more complex than you're making it out to be, particularly during winter. There are *always* fish around T-falls. You've gotta have a clue on how to catch them. Personally, instead of running my mouth or blaming other fishermen for my woes, I choose to listen, watch, and learn.
  5. Fished Taughannock last night for an hour before dark. Just bucktails. Lake was calm and is still dropping. Took home the skunk...
  6. Sounds good. See you next Saturday. If I see your car before now and then I'll swing by.
  7. Looking forward to the picnic, perch predator. May not show up early to fish, but I'll be stopping by with some "lemonade" for a visit around lunch time. Quick question, can you only weigh in fish caught at Taughannock, or is it any shore spot on Cayuga? I'm pretty sure you said it's T-Falls exclusively, but wanted to confirm before next week. Maaaan it's cold out!!!!
  8. Awesome that they're coming back around. I agree pal shouldn't fish for them, but I'm not going to give someone a hard time for hooking one accidentally and deciding to fight it until they or the fish wins. THAT is a bucket list fish.
  9. Same thing happened to me on Dec 19, abut 4ish lbs...could hardly believe it, though my old man told me not to be surprised if it happened.
  10. I live near it so I fish it semi regular. I've caught fish, some decent, but I'd laugh before I believed you could go there now and enjoy even a half steady bite. Honestly, I go there because the company is great! The guys who fish there are not jerks, like to tell stories, swear, all the good stuff!!
  11. I have a few of these spoons. Good stuff!!
  12. I did pretty well around that time. I agree though, much of the season was TOUGH!
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