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  1. JC heir


    Bob, you definitely have it going with the kings. I gotta get on with you someday and get a lesson! Right now, I am busy murdering baby walleyes to provide for a fish fry our church is putting on next Sunday. We ecpect 700 to 1000 people.
  2. JC heir

    Wilson report

    Good looking fish Bob, unfortunately, I'm several thousand miles away. ..
  3. Nice to meet you, we got 1 15.5 lb king sat. Mighty tough bite. Sounds like we were a couple days early.
  4. Congrats guys! I met the tall fellow who reeled in the big king on copper at the bait shop friday evening. You were kind enough to give some Newby some pointers. Thank you!. So, to try to put the names to faces, which one of you was that? Thx. JC.
  5. JC heir

    Niagara bar

    I fished the bar all morning and didn't see or hear anyone hammering them
  6. I am wanting to travel up for lakers soon....when they warm up. Any pointers, or launch suggestions?thx.Lane
  7. JC heir

    Niagara bar

    Niagara bar I had a ball last fall on the bar fishing for kings. wondering when things should heat up this spring for lakers, and/or kings. thanks!
  8. JC heir

    Niagara bar

    Are guys out fishing for lakers now?
  9. With benefit of hindsight that is just too funny Prisoner Hillary Rodham Clinton Get used to it....
  10. JC heir

    Niagara bar info

    Hi, I am interested in the early spring bite on the Niagara bar. Would anyone be good enough to enlighten me on the times, species, techniques.....anything that would be helpful to a newby. I have a 1850 lund rigged for trolling. If the primary method is jigging, im gonna need some equipment. Thanks
  11. Looking to upgrade my old 1985 main motor. Not looking for issues, have enough of my own!! Please text me at 814-671-3035. Thanks Lane
  12. I Have never tried lakers and don't intend to. Fortunately I can keep my freezer full of walleye and perch. I did however make a trip to olcott this spring, and brought home a few kings. I will say that if the lakers are worse than the kings, they are probably poisionous. Those kings were just awful.
  13. JC heir

    cow bells

    Ok, so I guess I reveal my ignorance by the questions I ask,,,,,,,absolute newby here. I have bought some lake troll cowbells for use un lakers on lake Erie, and kings on lake Ontario, and don't really know how to run them.I have walleye trolling experience, riggers, and dipseys- both braid, and wire. any advice is appreciated, drop lengths, speeds, leaders, etc. Thanks Lane
  14. I can only make a trip or 2 for the weekend, and am anxious to try the kings. what time of summer is the action the best for kings? Thanks. Lane
  15. Wishin, I saw you out there Monday. I was lookin at all the boats out there ahead of me with the binocs, and saw you guys. I told my crew Holy Crap, theres a guy out there with a boat the size of a kayak! Looked like you had about 4 inches of freboard from where I was! glad you got your fish!
  16. Congrats on a great weekend. I made my first trip ever this weekend. didn't do as well as you, but managed a dozen or more kings a day. really fun experience. could be you all might have saw me. boat name is God's Grace.
  17. King Me, ive been searching online for the great lakes keuka wobbler, and cant find it.......any suggestions? Thanks!
  18. JC heir

    michigan stingers?

    I have a spoon box full of regular sized Michigan stingers that I bought for walleye and lakers. Will they work on kings, and if not so well, what would be a few go to brands, sizes, and colors to pick up.
  19. JC heir

    michigan stingers?

    Thanks a lot guys, I will take a list off here and pick up a dozen. As for the stingers, right now the most danger they are in would seem to be from rust, so getting trashed by a big king seems like a good thing!
  20. title pretty much sums it up. just trying to save some $$$ buying used.
  21. JC heir

    wilson 5/9

    sorry for a probably stupid question....what is a ff rig? I am wanting to try the kings this summer( fish mostly walleye and lakers in erie). and don't have a clue what to stock up on. Thx.
  22. JC heir

    down speed question

    I do not want to hijack the previous thread, and I have a question, not a comment. I am thinking about buying a fish hawk, and don't currently own one. How much difference do you normally detect between your down speed, and gps speed? I guess what im wondering,is, is it usually just a few tenths with an occasional heavy current causing large deviation, or is a big difference the norm? also, how important do you feel the depth feature is on the x4d since its attached to your rigger and you should already know the depth pretty close? I run 12 lb balls, and don't feel theres yoo much blowback, but again, could be wrong here too. thanks Lane also, new here, so gonna attach a pic just to try out the feature.
  23. so, how many rods can a guy run comfortably off 1 side of the boat when running 7 strand wire dipseys? my original intent was to run wire braid on a 1 setting, and 30 lb braid on a 3 setting for lakers in erie this spring.
  24. I went to a seminar not long ago, where the speaker recommended using a cannonball snubber, and hooking the release to the top of the snubber, and the ball to the bottom. that gets you a couple feet higher than the ball.