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  1. Can anybody recommend some inexpensive manual down riggers to get me going in the right direction??
  2. If you saw a camouflage jon boat ,Sun or Mon , that was us. Hit Sandy on Sun ,and were new to trolling Lake Ontario and gave it a shot. First rod down , first five minutes ,bang lake trout, this is great.Used a screw on rigger , the one you get for $79. The manual screw on rigger broke mid day. Me and my two sons picked at fish and caught 6 lakers and 5 salmon , hottest thing for us was 250 copper with just a spoon on the only tx-44 board I have ,we caught lakers and salmon on it using orange and black , name ???( soo many spoons , soo many names ). We even tripled at one point , tried to duplicate same thing , nothing. We also caught fish on slide divers, with spoons and flies .Great day!! Feeling like an expert now!! Which brings us to Monday in olcott,Got a late start , left ramp at 8:00 or so , there were guys already cleaning fish , Heading out the gate more guys coming back yelling go to the tower,Ok Im no dummy, so off we go see the pack, lower gear , couple divers couple coppers , clocks ticking , see guys reeling them in , see guys netting , taking pictures with fish,hootin and hollerin, not us . Change speed , change depth , change color, still nothing. Im using a tiller handle , slow down for something ,maybe a tangle, whatever, bang!! 14 pound king hits the diver with flasher and spoon, that was sinking fast,I'll take it my fourteen year old son reels em in. Wind is picking up, more and more for an 18' jon boat, just before heading back , one more hit on a turn, lost em. Other than the last one ,we landed all fish that hit. I will post pictures later, need my kids to help do that. Chuck
  3. You da man , nice fish. Feels like I know where that boat was docked.
  4. Hey King, sounded like a great dayfor you . Im new at great lakes trolling and was right where you were yesterday with my two sons and caught one and lost one . How fast were you going ??? What direction were you trolling and did it matter????? Please ,any help would be great. Divers at 200. What kind and size , I have been using slide divers with the ring. Thanks, Chuck
  5. Thanks Tom,good to know . That might help stretch out a long weekend when the wind is kicking a little, I fisshed some out of Oswego, wind seems tough, Thanks, Chuck
  6. Hi Bill, Thanks for the offer to help. I do have a question ,Ive fished a bit out of oswego , but would like to try your neck of the woods, I have an 18' semi v john boat , when i look at a map and see how rochester is situated would it be true if there was an east wind I could get a little protection from the wind and still get into some fish there, since I have a smaller boat.
  7. Jeremy , please clarify the last thing you said ,sorry im stupid. Planers with 10' leaders to spoons, ???????? How long is main line and what do you use , braid , mono etc, What kind of rods and reels you using
  8. Keep in going, whats the water temp for steelhesd in the top 50 out there
  9. thanks for the advice king possible, another good idea.
  10. Hey Jeremy , is Sandy creek in the area of Point Breeze and Ibay ? Not sure were that is . 100% agree about the big fish, seems to be the same for most species. Guys correct me if Im wrong ,Ive heard 10-12 lb walley on Lake ontario are about twenty years old ,saw it somewhere on computer and was figured out thru taging . And 18" bass are about eight years old ,
  11. Thanks Tom, I was wondering who was going to throw down the welcome mat. Hopefully we will chat again. Chuck
  12. Keep drag loose so when a fish hits the copper doesnt sit at the tip and rub, ???
  13. spray paint, why didnt I think of that , great suggestion
  14. thinking about it now, I guess if it were that simple everyone would spool up 400' or so of copper on everything and just deploy whatever the spread dictated , and attach to the board.
  15. When you run a shortened copper off the back, no board, Is it ok to use the twilly tip because of the copper. So there is no copper damage . It seems there is no good way to run the shortened copper of a board without damaging it??? I could be over thinking the what ifs. And thank you for the diagram , a picture is worth a thousand words.
  16. Hi Guys, New to great lakes trolling and trying to improve . I have caught fish on slide divers ,and flat lining with mono and different weights. I have some copper now on some older ,slow retrieve reels, I have them and dont have cash for better reels right now,but wanted to give it a try. I have 100,150 200 250, 300 feet ,thought I would run longer ones out the back ,shorter ones on boards,In addition to divers and weighted braid , I have an 18 foot john boat and no riggers. Lets say im catching fish on the 200 ,but only have the one set up. If I mark the copper with shrink tube (which seems to slide ) every fifty feet , I could use the the longer copper and set it shorter on the board, but worried about slipping or damaging the copper where I connect it. Any Ideas or is this ??? Btw Im using blood run 32 lb copper Thanks , Chuck
  17. Thanks for the advice ,hoping to try it soon, may go out of Oswego.
  18. thanks again, I would like to pick your brain sometime for the steelhead , great fish , only caught them in the river .
  19. Hey Bugster271, If you dont mind how are you picking up the lakers,???depth, speed ,lures, etc??? Im new to this and could use all the help I can get. Thanks, Chuck
  20. Thanks for the info Jeremy. You say they go pretty deep in about a month , I get it ,water temp. When do you go after them again , meaning do they come back in closer or shallower in the fall ?? Most people want to catch salmon and stop fishing for them in sept on the lake it seems, just wondering if you could be trolling for lake trout in Oct. Nov.?? Thanks, Chuck
  21. I know different times of year it canges ,but typically what kind of depth should I be looking for??? And do you use spoons most of the time??? spin glows , flies , meat rigs ??? You caught some impressive fish ,
  22. Hi Guys , I have been watching this sight for a while and just signed up last month, GREAT STUFF!! Everyone is pretty generous and helpful. Im new to lady o trolling the last couple years ,wish I could go more ,as knowledge and money allow I have been trying to accumulate whatever I can to make it better for me and my two boys 21 and 14. I have an 18 foot sea ark ,semi-v John boat with a jet motor ,I know I look funny trolling on the lake on nice days but what are ya gonna do.We fish a lot on the susquehanna river (shallow and rocky).No name for the boat. We fish for a lot of different species , just flat out love to fish, unfortunately for my wife I have been laser focused on this site and ,you tube or anywhere to get familiar with trolling lake ontario. Please go easy on me if I ask the same questions maybe asked a hundred times ,Im sure its answered here somewhere and I didnt find it yet. I have no pet species I would like to catch more of , they are all awesome in their own way,I just wanna catchem. Thank you in advance , Chuck
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