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  1. I know different times of year it canges ,but typically what kind of depth should I be looking for??? And do you use spoons most of the time??? spin glows , flies , meat rigs ??? You caught some impressive fish ,
  2. Hi Guys , I have been watching this sight for a while and just signed up last month, GREAT STUFF!! Everyone is pretty generous and helpful. Im new to lady o trolling the last couple years ,wish I could go more ,as knowledge and money allow I have been trying to accumulate whatever I can to make it better for me and my two boys 21 and 14. I have an 18 foot sea ark ,semi-v John boat with a jet motor ,I know I look funny trolling on the lake on nice days but what are ya gonna do.We fish a lot on the susquehanna river (shallow and rocky).No name for the boat. We fish for a lot of different species , just flat out love to fish, unfortunately for my wife I have been laser focused on this site and ,you tube or anywhere to get familiar with trolling lake ontario. Please go easy on me if I ask the same questions maybe asked a hundred times ,Im sure its answered here somewhere and I didnt find it yet. I have no pet species I would like to catch more of , they are all awesome in their own way,I just wanna catchem. Thank you in advance , Chuck
  3. Hey Jeremy, good stuff. How did you dial them in ?? Details please im new to trolling lady o. The young guy seems happy, I know i would be. Chuck
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