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  1. Finally mad it out Sunday evening tried all different lures wound up with 2 sheep 2 smb about 6 perch and 2 eyes 1 lost at back of boat other was about 8-9 lbs and unspawned female she came off Johnson's
  2. Cold beer..lol.. I can forward some info talked to a buddy who lives up there and there catching eyes from shore just before dark, mouth of the river, also off bridge at mud
  3. Should be the sturgeon nets, usually the first straight down river after the islands, and in the big hole under the bridge I have seen some of there picks and they seem to catch a catfish or two that are huge
  4. It is a wonderful place, my personal best came from it at 14.5 lbs unfortunately I have not been up, boats still have winter covers on them hope to be up soon, cold water means shallow and slow, chaos still will take that beer maybe this summer
  5. Took a 125" 8 with the hypodermic this year , heavy quartering towards shot, rage hit right in front of shoulder and penetrated to other shoulder broke broke off( inside deer) took out part lung and part heart but when the deer kicked my arrow was flopping( no pass through) and I thought I made a very bad decision. Deer made it 100 yards and recovery was easy, normally my pse will pass through no problem but until we took the hide off didn't no I broke the other front leg and destroyed the broad head
  6. Coal hands down, had a pellet stove in the house on SLR, pain had to fill it twice just to warm the house up, -10 to 70 put a Alaskan coal stove in, fill the hopper (100#) burns all weekend depending on were you live and how easily coal is attained, we haul about a half ton every year, enough for all our ice fishing
  7. I am about 3 miles out of town the track of land behind my house is about 500 acre, but only 3/4 mile to the next road, I found there den tonight in the creek bottom and confirmed there's a family, now I wonder how long do the young live at home? It's fall leaves are changing? Will they leave or stay, either way me and the Mrs love to watch them ..... we can see them from the hill side and watch them play...
  8. Didn't get the rabbit, I have a female Fisher mounted, I kinda like having them around, neighbors cats are all gone......
  9. I still see the family of them , grouse population is down worse than I have seen in 15 years, also noticed squirrel is down but chipmunk are everywhere, had one lastnight in the yard chasing a rabbit, didn't get it but was able to spot light it for a couple minutes, let my lead beagle out and she ran it off.... kinda funny....
  10. Thought I would throw this out to see if anyone else is seeing them on a regular bases, I live in Broome county and have seen a couple but now seeing them on every trail came and walking around in the woods


    Been away too long to much work... Sent from my C811 4G using Lake Ontario United mobile app

    SLR 7-14

    Trolling, cv up river from were I think you and Kevin are

    SLR 7-14

    Sorry wrong pic still learning posting Sent from my C811 4G using Lake Ontario United mobile app

    SLR 7-14

    SLR Sent from my C811 4G using Lake Ontario United mobile app

    SLR 7-14

    SLR last night 7-17 2- 10 lbs Sent from my C811 4G using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. 3 eye two smb and 5 sheep not bad
  17. There still hear, had 3 rods go lastnight 2 nice eye around 7-8 lbs and 1 big sheep, lots of bait
  18. How to post picture from smart phone?
  19. So finally became a member, fish alot SLR, chaumont brb, mud,... mainly walleye
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