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  1. I just sent you $25 for the tournament tie rigs. Thanks Captain Mark Fish and Fun Charters
  2. I'll take 10 please. Captain Mark
  3. I'll take it. 585-219-7767 or PM me.
  4. Hi Glenn, just received your voicemail. Left a message, PM'd ya and text. Feel free to get back to me. THANKS
  5. I PM'd you if were referring to me on If the 1st buyer doesn't work out I'll take them and can pick up in Sodus. THANKS . If cell/text easier 585-219-7767.
  6. Thanks for prompt shipment and I received quickly.
  7. If the 1st buyer doesn't work out I'll take them and can pick up in Sodus. THANKS
  8. I'll take them if All have hooks/leader. Can't quite tell in pic if Atomiks and some Howies are full rigs. Thanks, Master Captain Mark Wienecke
  9. Good Morning- I'll take them and can pick up. Thanks, Master Captain Mark Wienecke Cell : 585-219-7767
  10. I'm interested in a very large quantity (100+) and assortment please. Text or call 585-219-7767. THANKS: Master Captain - Mark Wienecke
  11. Could possibly pick up as well if near Rochester. 585-219-7767 if want to call or text.
  12. I'm interested also if have pics or where to find pics with numbers. THANKS Mark 585-219-7767
  13. I'll take it and can pick up today. Thanks. Call or text 585-219-7767 or respond back through here.
  14. I'll take flashers and the bait heads in other ad. I'm in Williamson so can pick up. 585-219-7767 Thanks Mark
  15. I'll take the bait heads and flashers in other ad. I'm in Williamson. 585-219-7767 Thanks
  16. AWESOME info and pics...THANKS AND of course NICE fish!!!
  17. GOOD to hear as I am thinking about purchasing one... THANKS for the feedback!
  18. NICE on the graph, Any idea how the Lowrance Outboard Cable Steer Pack systems work performance wise? Thanks
  19. How did this Lowrance Outboard Cable Steer Pack system end up working for you performance and noise wise. Thanks
  20. Lowrance Elite-9 Ti Touch Screen WITH TotalScan Transducer - Factory Refurbished $750 A 9-inch, high-resolution touchscreen. The Elite-9 Ti features Lowrance CHIRP sonar,200/83 AND 800khz or 455khz WITH built-in SideScan and DownScan Imaging™ capability, and C-MAP® Insight Pro mapping installed. Straight from Lowrance with a full one-year warranty by purchaser. NEW Lowrance Software Update 18.2 which provides Elite Ti Units the same functionality as HDS units; Genesis Live, Engine integration for Mercury, Suzuki, Yamaha and Evinrude, Link App - connect a Phone or Tablet to view/control the unit. AND Outboard Motor or Hydraulic Auto Pilot integration. WITH Factory Installed C-MAP® Insight Pro mapping ! Lowrance Factory Refurbished like NEW in Box, with Total Scan Transducer, all wires, manuals, cables, Sun Cover and Mounting brackets - WITH Full 1 Year Lowrance Warranty and 5 Year Lowrance Upgrade warranty. WITH C-MAP® Insight Pro mapping! One-Year Warranty - Lowrance’s priority is to give you superior quality products and a stress-free time on the water. Enjoy the feeling of fishing with peace of mind with our one-year warranty guarantee. A 9-inch display, high-resolution touch screen, the Elite-9 Ti features TOTAL Scan Transducer. Like having 3 tranducers in 1. INCLUDING SideScan Imaging! 1. Lowrance CHIRP sonar, 2. Built-in SideScan and 3. DownScan Imaging™ , WITH C-MAP® Insight Pro mapping. Plot your route or fishing spots just by touching the map on the screen... UNBELIEVABLY simple and amazing! Cost $1,100 New from Lowrance - Save $350+ after tax!!! Pay Securely with Credit Card via PayPal if preferred. Guaranteed Lowrance quality. Includes Total Scan transducer ($399 alone), All manuals, cables, Standard return policy applies. Easy-to-use, high-resolution touchscreen display StructureScan® HD ready with TotalScan™ transducer SmartSteer™ control for Xi5 Trolling Motor Integrated wireless and Bluetooth® connectivity NMEA 2000® engine support 1 Year Full Factory Warranty
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