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  1. I do! i run my middle rigger short 10 to 15 ft back usually a flasher to draw them in and either spoons on wings back 30 to 40 ft.
  2. I have a tendency to fish marks over temperature. Am i wrong? I still catch fish but i have a habit of not even really paying attention to my rigger counters until i get bit then i duplicate. But 80% of time i watch my graph and drop to fish off my graph. It seems fish will come up and down a long way to check out my presentation. Some hit some will check out all 3 riggers then leave or follow for a long time.
  3. My problem is cavitation and keeping speed.
  4. Thats fine! Have to try it then when going with them put main in neutral.
  5. Have a 262 penn yan competitor. Also have a t9.9 with tr1 gold love it. But like anyone that fished this year it was bumpy. My 9.9 struggles when it 3 ft and bigger. Its just to hard with cavitation. A couple time heading into wind i ran my main has the 454 in it carb sucks normal conditions i troll way to fast. But 4 ft rollers it holds 2.3 2.4 perfect. Looking for a inexpensive auto pilot for my main. But i might be ok with kicker i turned down the gain it stopped flapping back and forth this fall. But would love the second option. Of the main.
  6. Yes i do. Think its more i have a short shaft. It cavitates then im done. If it was long shaft it could be fine up to 4 ft plus
  7. 88 262 competitor with a yamaha 9.9 high thrust. I have the tr1 gold autopilot. Love it!!!
  8. I bought some today cant remember brand but remember cpp ablative. Talked ti a Captain he uses it on his boat on the Hudson. Wasn't cheap for sure. Maybe it will stay warm now. 71 yesterday snowing today
  9. Well its not bad only spot was waterline where i scrubbed green crap off. And minor hull spots.
  10. Ya its like a powder paint is the only way to describe. I can rub it wet and move it around then dry its hard again. Pretty cool stuff.
  11. I need to recoat the 262 this year. It has a ablative paint on it now. What does everyone recommend brand??? Previous owner cant remember brand. Its been on since 2011 and just started to show fiberglass because i went at it with scrub brush.
  12. Well first season under my belt had a great season. Had some gremlins but got fixed. Ran half the season on 7 cilinders that I had no clue about valve stuck and cap was curoded. But other then that having the autopilot stuck in zig zag for a day and a half. The boat fishes Amasing!! I cant wait to next season!
  13. Put on here for a friend its a great little boat for the right price. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2058053170917906&id=100001397282975
  14. I had that allot this summer. Ended up put foot in carb 2.7 2.9 and 3.1 they would hit then. Think slower they get to good a look at it.
  15. Ya called Garmin I wasn't hitting the on off button to program it.
  16. Running on agm 31 series with 12.9 volts. I would shut it off it will track straight then soon as I hit throttle up it would activate it again. So I think its on zig zag just need to figure out how to stop. Might put the factory reset code in just hope it don't loose north settings.
  17. Oh ya I was quite violent seeing I only had today to fish. And I had a great screen.
  18. Got out today shutdown in 120 started kicker and the autopilot. Set my direction and it started its course then after 50 yds it went into a zig zag pattern. Couldn't get it to stop pulled fuse 2 x then was fine for about a hr or two then started again same crap. Then I put in standby then auto was fine for a hr then it started again this time I was so pissed I picked up and called it a day. Any ideas ??
  19. I have older cannons that came on the boat I had one that would struggle to lift my 13 lb torpedos. Lifts my 10s no problem. Has been fine my other 2 lift the 13s no problem. Yesterday one stopped and would need me to turn spoil then go for 20 ft and stop again. Motor or lube? I have a tote of 5 more for parts should I hook my charger to motors find the ones that work and change it out? Going to need to upgrade but cant
  20. What do you guys with the bigger boats to help stop Or slow crab walking in a cross wind? Bag on the side?
  21. When I run my autopilot or just have 9.9 in gear if I trim up it will pop my fuse if its off no problems. Don't know if the cnc dosent have enough a-- to lift in gear causing it to pop fuse. Any clue? wires new and new fuse block.
  22. I have 1 rigger that's impossible to read when its sunny out I use my graph to find out where I'm at.
  23. Mine is jumping also I can just get the x4 probe?
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