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    It was a good one.
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    Trees On early 90s Penn yan what brand tripple trees were used? Want to try to match the holes up.
  3. I noticed last year. One rigger rod clear 30 lb big game. Other 30 lb green. I was catching fish put same flasher and fly same depth on the green, the clear fired nothing on green line?? Thought it was weired. Think all season only had 2 releases on green line rod. So maybe the reason. On my dipsey I run 40 lb power pro right to dipsey. 30 lb clear big game to flasher. Other 40 lb suffix that turned lighter green had only two fish on the faded line. Wouldn't think it would make a difference but it did.
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    Parts box

    Thanks guys. Figured hoses clamps, fan belt, duct tape, plugs. And a tool box
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    Parts box

    Parts box Looking at 4 boats all older. I'm not 100% on not going smaller trailerable 22 to 24 ft or just saying heck with it and get a 26 to 27 ft. Question is What do you keep as a in case **** box? Hoses, clamps , stuff for on the water fix item's.
  6. I ended up using the braid with a ball swivel and a cross lock to the 0r 16 pin style release. Can't wait to try these things! There pretty cool.
  7. Bought some or16 releases should I use 30 lb big game or I have some 45 lb black tip up line to connect torpedo to release?
  8. Its my fault because I want to get my boat ready!
  9. Wish they had the bouy out to see how big it really is!
  10. I buy my oil from domo online. Cheapest place I save 8 a gallon for dfi oil
  11. Been watching videos. The guy adds the musky one to a 300 copper then to a walleye board so I shouldn't have a problem. Been looking at plus and minus of copper. Think with the diver I can use rods I have and not have to buy copper sets. I can run my braid and put rods wherever.
  12. Torpedo diver? Been looking at the torpedo divers. Can't figure out what to buy.. Main use is on braid on a walleye board and a tx 44. 75 ft and less. Is the cuda to big for the walleye board? Or is the next size down the right one to have?
  13. Ya I would stick a spoon out on a planner dipsy set and get nothing. I wondered what they could be. Wasn't showing much below had me scratching my head.
  14. No I can see the fleas these were fish.
  15. Questions Last summer I would get a hard thermocline at 40 ft that my hummingbird 1197 would pick up said 60 deg. At the time the place to be was 75 ft. But I kept graphing fish at 40 to 45 ft. I set once there but no bites. Could they been salmon or trout?
  16. First year figuring things out almost ready for a bigger boat! Tough with a bass boat and a 250hp and no fishhawk.
  17. I'm still getting use to fishing without a probe its hard because current and wind getting use to reading dipsy rods. Downriggers make two noises clicking and singing once I hit 3mph the drags on dipsy start to click and cables stop singing. Tryed angle I use 10lb fish so angle is different at depth. I'm learning love it because it's different and frustrating.
  18. I did Sunday made long troll across Mexico to past catfish creek and back mid Mexico bay nothing.
  19. Shallow is the only thing I didn't do stayed 120 to 65 feet. Looking for a pod never found it saw some going in in that 50 ft range but was all put away and had enough.
  20. Any one else fish this weekend I only did one release Sunday off North doons. Covered lots of water never really saw much on the screen not like two weeks ago.
  21. Drove to Oswego made it out to lighthouse to find leftover rollers. They were 3 ft with 4s mixed in to rough for my boat then had a 5ftr toss my boat like a toy.upset ran in put it back on the trailer and headed back to pinegrove. Ran west to Mexico still 2ft plus rollers but set in 70ft zig zag 90ft to 60 blank screen some bait. Trolled to past catfish nothing. Turned out and headed deeper nothing. Ran to Sandy North doons. Set again in 95ft bam fish on! mag dipsy ff out 160. Broke off before nephew got the rod out of the holder. Made a couple passes nothing else. Looking forward to next year learned allot for first year 4 trips 8 adults 9 lost. Time to retire the ranger and get a lake boat.
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