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  1. Selling my ranger it's a heart break but divorce getting ready to get started. Its a 2008 20ft 9" Mercury 250 pro's,power pole 4 bank charger, hummingbird 1197, Lowrance x28 bow, 480m dash, 52 in Minkota 101lb trolling motor. Hotfoot, keel protector, blinker trim and one for hydrolic jackplate. Custom ranger cover Asking $32,000
  2. I don't know do you think some of the Lakers will be more gobie eaters? The smallies sure adjusted!
  3. I do lake george and Hudson also. I used to go to lake o allot got into doing some flw and bass tournaments. Now I'm having fun got my 30 lb striper this year out of the ranger and 6 kings acouple of weeks ago. I can't complain
  4. Ya my bass boat is 3000lbs can crise on 90 but know it's back there bouncing
  5. Should of stopped went to mikes sunday looking at what he had
  6. If I'm going to do it I want to do it right. Tons of boats my direction but I would have to spend a ton rigging. So want a rigged put gas in and fish hard top that I can hook up and go.
  7. As for Thompson's are they wind drifty? Hard to keep tracking a straight course in the wind? Do they roll allot?
  8. All great looking boats looking for a smaller trailerable hard top the aqua sport is beautiful but getting out of price range. Unless my divorce goes south and have to sell bass boat then after maybe
  9. Been out trolling with my ranger gets the job done on calmer days. I have been catching some 7 kings one brown and a laker for four trips. can only run 4 rods. Been looking to up grade to a trailer able boat that I can pull with a 1500 and when there are 4ftrs I don't have to sit on the bank. Looked at Thompson 240 love it but seems to look top heavy. Prices are reasonable. Who has one and are they a boat that I can drag to ocean, shallower river ramps, not get stuck on one body of water.thanks
  10. Great job went back out after storm sister lost one mag dipsy ff out 245 over 150 ft of water. Hoping the 4ftrs there calling for dosent happen.
  11. Ducks have the slobs. You can cross river between carlton island and south shore fish drop and load the boat think it's called Hinckley point. It runs north to red can.
  12. Friend is a mate he goes to sailflow. Said its been right all year. Well I looked at it says gust to 28 by 1pm hope its wrong
  13. I'm doing the same every report looks good except weather channel calling for 10 to 20 mph wind. Rest say less then 10. I have come out twice and got blown off. That's getting old.
  14. Us to! one Skippy sat went west of plant today had a monster on wrapped up a dipsy line and then came at the boat was gone just as fast. Got to rough out deep called it quits around 11.30
  15. I ran west of nine mile cold water was on the bank 100 ft 40 down 200 ft 90 down
  16. Selling my like new 800x renegade it has 3000miles of not beat adult owned. I bought last winter rode it once. Its all studded knee pads,skid plate. I knew original owner it was a cruiser with his wife. Asking $8000
  17. Last time I was out I also have no probe. I was trolling east at 2.4 with bags out turned west 1.9 and ball and dipseys were cranking. Couldn't figure it out cable was at 50 deg never had a hit going west. Turn east 3.6 put bags out back to 2.4 fish on!
  18. I'm coming again with my sister calling for North east wind might be stuck over that side might run North out from Sandy pond area never know
  19. Friend of mine first mates said it was great early then the heavy west wind that pushed the warm water in killed it. I don't know if that's the reason but makes sense I guess
  20. I lost a 10 lb shark with blacks 100ft of cable east of Oswego if someone snags that. Broke in spool first time using it.
  21. Thank you! I would notice my reels when I get 3mph they will start clicking. Going west they were! And my 10 lb fish was out to 50 deg.
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