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  1. Got one in 60ft last weekend. Mark's all the way out to 80ft. Lots of boats in the pack. Counted about 45 just close by
  2. Yeah. I will have to say it was my first time trying to jump a boat like that. My 16ft with the outboard down fit perfect with his 24ft stern to stern without anything banging together. I put my starting battery jumped to his. Stern to stern was the only way his cables were long enough to reach. 10 mins later his still wouldn't crank over. Must be his battery was deader than dead. Not how I pictured the first half hour of the morning going, but i had to atleast try to help.
  3. I totally agree. It only takes a second for something to happen. My life vest is always right by my feet and easy to grab but I like the idea of a Co2 vest. I'll have to look into that more. I've looked a few times but not hard enough to pick one out. I think that's a good idea
  4. I totally get your point. If it is rough I usually do wear my life jacket when fishing solo even in the summer. I didnt today since the lake was like a bathtub with no ripples or anything. But I know it only takes a split second for something to happen. I like the idea of a rip cord. I'll have to look into that 👍
  5. Saw the wind report for a flat lake so made the trip in my old 16fter solo this morning. Started the morning off trying to help jump start another boat at the dock with mine. 15 mins later I was off fishing and his boat was back on the trailer. No go getting it going. So, I was hoping for some good karma for trying to help out. Ran out to 100' and set. Blank screen. Trolled in to 80'. Lots of marks in 70 to 80 foot but couldn't get any of them to go. I started working shallower toward the river. Found temp down 50. I figured I'd work in from 80 until I hit 50 fow and them back out. Once I hit 60 ft a downrigger fires. It jumps and starts screaming. Spooled about 3/4 of the line off my reel before I could stop it. Got her next to the boat and she wraps around the downrigger line. I am solo by the way. I put the rod in my left hand and slowly reeled in the downrigger line until the ball got near the surface. Slowly untangled it and the fight was back on. When all was said and done she ended up being 36 inches and 18.5 pounds. White flasher white meat rig. Kings solo are like a circus but so much fun!
  6. Thanks guys. I might honestly start at 100 and work out. Maybe they are stacked deeper. I dont know. Maybe troll to 140 and then if nothing, move really shallow by the mouth of the river
  7. Any reports recently? Looking to make a run tomorrow morning. Im thinking of starting in 100 ft and working in shallower. Dont really want to combat fish directly in front of the river. I'll be launching from Mexico
  8. His price was great too. For the number of cheap covers I've had over the past couple years that have leaked, I should've had this made a long time ago haha
  9. John mann did an amazing job. Just picked the boat up. The cover fits like a glove. All the corners and wear spots are re-enforced. I'm really happy I sucked it up and went the custom route. The material is super heavy and the water beads right off. I'm sure it will last years to come. Thank you all for the suggestions. Hes got my recommendation of anyone is looking for a quality canvas guy
  10. Nice! That's a heck of a deal on that boat, even with the work it needs. Goodluck.
  11. First off. Sweet rig. Second, I looked at a winner center console a few weeks ago. I had never heard of the brand so did a little research. I found that they were one of the first companies to use an all fiberglass grid layout. So, no wood in the construction to rot. They made all sorts of boats including bass boats. The company was named after their hulls winning a few offshore races. The center console I looked as was built like a tank. Very stout boat. Unfortunately the owner wanted about double what I truly thought it was worth. O well. That's about all I know. Sorry I cant be more of a help
  12. I cant say I've run spoons behind a dipsy or with a SD. But, I run a spoon behind a slide diver every trip. Slide diver with 50ft of lead, then 5 ft flouro leader, then spoon. It is often my best rod honestly. When the fish wont hit the riggers they will hit that slide diver. I know that was a little off topic but spoons behind slide divers work very well
  13. Second trip in a row for rainbows. It's funny how I have never caught one before this year. Now I have gotten 3 so far, one 7lb, one smaller probably 3 pounds and this one this morning at 5 lbs. What surprised me was that it came 80 ft down. Anyway, love these rainbows
  14. When it cuts out, does it get to full rpm? Meaning, if wide open throttle is 5400 rpm, does it get there or die at 2500? When I bought my mercury 60hp 2 stroke used, it only got to a certain rpm. Then it quit. Ended up being an electrical issue. Bought a new piece and it was good as new. I'd have to look back at what the issue exactly was.
  15. X2 on gluvit. Good stuff. Just make sure the aluminum is super clean before you put it on. Also Jamestown distributors is great. I ordered all the epoxy for sealing both the wood floor and transom. Make sure to use marine grade ply. Not pressure treat. Itll eat the aluminum. It's not cheap but worth it.
  16. Yeah. For me, it came down to buying a newer boat, but not knowing what I had. Or, rebuilding mine and I know exactly what I have and that it is all brand new. I had just done a bunch of work on my motor so I knew it was solid. In the end it was fun building it the way I wanted. I also splurged for a few shiny things that came into play haha. Somehow a new Garmin fishfinder/GPS made it's way onto the dash. Weird haha
  17. I cant say to what the value of the finished boat would be, but I can talk a little about the money I've put in mine. I completely gutted my starcraft holiday down to the bare aluminum, sealed the rivets with gluvit, new foam, new floor, new vinyl, and new transom, new seats etc. If I think about what I paid for the boat plus what I've got in it in materials and time, I think I'm upside down in the whole project. That being said, I have no intention of selling the boat and I know structurally it's like brand new. The other benefit is that you can build it to exactly what you want. But, those islanders are a very desirable boat for lake O, so you might make out ok. Honestly two of the most expensive things will be anything that has to do with the motor and the new canvas. Materials such as flooring, epoxy etc aren't too expensive. Just buy the best materials you can and dont skimp out. You dont want to be doing it again anytime soon. If it were me, the first and most important thing to check is the transom. Is it original? What shape is the wood in? The transom is such an important structural piece to the hull. And any stringers but I have a feeling those are all aluminum in that hull. As far as limit, I have no idea. Maybe others could speak to what that finished boat would be worth.
  18. Two weekends ago I caught a nice 24 inch rainbow. Probably the most beautiful one I've seen. Such vivid colors. It was hooked square in the bottom lip. No blood, clean hook. I didnt even bring it in the boat, so no picture. Brought it up to the side of the boat and said "my god that's the prettiest rainbow I've seen", grabbed the pliers and with one flick the hooks came out and it was swimming off. Cayuga has been truly awesome this year between some really nice browns in the spring and now the rainbows. Amazing
  19. Yeah. That material is what he suggested. I told him to go with whatever he thinks is best, since he knows way more than I do about it haha. Even with the best materials his price was great. I'll make sure to post some pictures of it afterwords. Thanks everyone for the re assurance that the investment will be worth it. I never really doubted it, but just had to put my mind to rest
  20. Good idea. We talked about using top gun which is an acrylic like sunbrella but wont stretch and is more wear resistant. Just as heavy, so I think itll last a long time. The cover will almost always be on the boat. For the winter its stored in a family members barn, but I will probably still keep the cover on. Or put the crappy one back on and keep the new one inside the house. Havnt gotten quite that far yet lol
  21. Sounds good. Thanks everyone. Sounds like it will be a worth while investment and probably something I should have done a few years ago
  22. So, funny story, that is who I am lined up with. I'm on his list. I'm not doubting him at all. I know it will be amazing and he will be using top notch materials. I'm just wondering about how waterproof a good cover actually is?
  23. Hi all, I have probably what is a dumb question. I have an old cheap boat cover from amazon and it's no suprise it leaks when it rains. I am in line with a very reputable canvas guy to have a full custom cover made in 3 weeks. It's not cheap but I think it will be worth it. Just to put my mind at ease, those of you that have full custom covers, how do you like them? The boat is stored on the trailer all the time. My main concern is that it is water tight. I'm sure it will be, and will be fitted really nice to the boat. I never had any custom canvas made, so this will be my first investment. How do others like theirs?
  24. Oh man, yeah. Not cool. I was also out of myers and fishing by the yacht club yesterday morning early. I have a starcraft but its blue 😆. I usually have my radio on. I would have picked everything up in a heartbeat to tow them back in. The lake was like a bathtub yesterday without a ripple. Never leave another boater stranded. Even if it's not a tow, but you can assist with anything, you do it. A couple years ago I was fishing on the west shore of cayuga by the girl scout camp. I see a boat in the middle of the lake with smoke coming out of it. I immediately picked up my gear and ran over. There were two guys with the engine cover open on an inboard, with smoke coming out. I asked of they needed help and offered my fire extinguisher. They said they thought they were ok. I stayed for a few mins and chatted until the smoke cleared. Ended up being some electrical issues or something. They got the motor running well enough to limp back to myers. Even if it's not a tow, but you can assist, you do it. I would only hope someone would do the same for me of I ever had trouble. We've gotta all look out for each other
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