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  1. Thank you everyone for the ideas. I arrived to a choppy lake with a south wind. I started the morning right around lodi point using spoons in temp, which was 45 to 50 down. I had 2 releases at first light, but that was it. The wind shifted to the east and the lake layed down. So, I headed up by Sampson to fish bottom for lakers. No luck never moved a rod. So, no fish but 2 big releases. All in all Seneca was fun. Maybe I'll try down by Watkins next time I head there. Beautiful sunrise and day on the water. Cant beat it.
  2. Thanks guys. I'm just starting to put a plan together. I think I'll start right around lodi point for silvers at first light and then point the boat north and troll up towards Sampson. I'll report what I find
  3. Hi all, I am thinking of hitting Senca for the first time tomorrow morning. I have heard reports that are not so good from Seneca, but also good ones. I usually fish Cayuga so I anticipate a slower day, but want to try somewhere new. I'm thinking of launching from lodi. Any advice on where to start? North or south from that point? I'll be trolling so Lakers or hopefully landlocks would be the target. Thanks!
  4. I have an 8 hp tohatsu on a 16ft boat with a 60hp merc main. I love the tohatsu. Trolls right down slow, and its super quiet and fuel efficient. I've had no issues what so ever with mine. I have a troll master on it. I took the tiller arm off and just have the troll master as the throttle. It's a great set up. Also, the 8hp will push my boat enough that if I had trouble with my main I could get back on the kicker. Definitely cant say enough good things about the tohatsu. Great little motor
  5. Nice! I'm thinking of making the run to Sandy Monday morning. The wind looks calm and from the south at first light so hopefully itll be calm for a small boat
  6. It was weird actually. I was fighting a laker, look over and the other rod goes off. I was in 40 ft of water and she hit the rigger that was parked at 30ft. But, I slowed my kicker way down when I was fighting the laker so she hit when I was going like 1.5 mph which I thought was a little funny. When I'm fishing solo I slow the kicker or turn it off when I'm fighting a fish. Cayuga lake is amazing right now. 10 fish so far this morning, mix of lakers, salmon, and bows. I just released a beauty atlantic, probably 5 pounds.
  7. Caught earlier this morning. My first ever bow. 28 inches, 7.5 pounds. Cayuga is on fire!
  8. I keep wanting to switch it up and fish a different finger lake one weekend, but seeing pics like this make me keep coming back to cayuga. I had one miss last weekend that must have been a huge fish. Downrigger rod went off and was about tore out of the rod holder. By the time I got to it nothing was there. Cayuga is shaping up to be an amazing fishery so far this year!
  9. Thanks. I just ordered one. Found one cheap for $85. I had this one re-done last winter once already. Once the new one comes I will have this one re-done again, and have it as a perfect spare. Should have one short trip this weekend on it, and then the new one installed next week when it comes. I think the crack will eventually be a large chip, and I'd hate to have that happen 8 to 10 miles out and have to run in with it like that. In the end, I figured a new prop is cheaper than lower unit issues. And less down time
  10. Here's a little better pic of the crack
  11. I was just covering my boat from being out this weekend. I noticed one fin on my prop was missing some of the coating, and was a little bent. Looks like I hit something. I bent it back into shape, but noticed a crack on the edge of the propeller. There are no chips or missing metal. Just the coating is off and a crack about 1/4 inch long. I will usually run 3 to 4 miles, but sometimes up to 7 or 8 one way. Should I replace this prop immediately? I dont want it to cause ot to be off balance or anything. Or can I get a few more trips out of it? I think I'll replace it for piece of mind but would like to wait until july for money sake. The top pic shows the crack. Thanks
  12. I found this recipe online and gave it a shot. It is really good! The recipe was called salmon candy, but I made it with brown trout. The night before smoking, make the brine. I used equal parts brown sugar and salt. Put the fillets skin side up in the brine. I used a baking sheet. Then cover the skin side with the rest of the brine. Let brine fof 1 to 3 hours. I let the most recent batch brine for 1.5 hours and it was perfect. Take the fillets out and wash them with cold water. Place them in the fridge overnight so the pelicle forms. I used a little charcoal grill with charcoal on one side, and the fish on the other. I used pecan wood chips sprinkled over the coals to get the smoke. 1.5 to 2.5 hours at 225. While its smoking brush maple syrup every 15 mins over them. So simple and so good.
  13. Mine wont return the signal if not in the water. I have a garmin though. I would agree with above. Push the cable in more I guess.
  14. Also, the transducer has to be in the water to work.
  15. I will take you up on the reports Gambler. Thank you. I fish cayuga mostly and am new at the king game. I will be watching the weather and wave report like a hawk starting in a few weeks. Hopefully she will lay down for a day and let me get up there.
  16. If one was traveling quite a ways to sandy, when would you say the best timing for kings would be? I usually fish mexico bay when they stage bit want to try to farther west this summer. I as well have a small 16ft boat, so would have to pick the day
  17. I second garmin. I have the garmin echomap 54dv. It has the lakevu maps and gps built in. I've fished in some nasty conditions such as dense fog and have very pleased with the gps and contours markings. The fish finder is awesome too. I've run it 3 seasons so far and bot a single issue. My only issue is that I wish I went for the 7 or 9 inch screen vs the 5 inch. When I've got the gps and the fish finder pulled up side by side it's a little small.
  18. Nice brown too. Yeah, I was on the west side. I usually dont catch many browns in cayuga but have pulled 2 big ones out this spring, and it looks like other people have as well. Interesting stuff.
  19. Both the 9lb brown I cought 2 weeks ago and the 10lber this morning came really early in the morning at first light, on a partly cloudy morning. Both mornings had just a little bit of chop in the water, both caught within a quarter mile or so of each other....
  20. My aim has been trying to find big landlockeds. But instead I've been hitting big browns. I'm not complaining though 😆
  21. Just happened about 20 mins ago. A hair over 10 lbs. Moonshine spoon
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