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  1. Thanks for the info. I’ll be goin next week and we’ll see what happens. Thanks again
  2. How about the salmon fishing if i launch out of mexico. Has anyone been having any luck in deeper waters by the mexico area? I seen lots of reports of other areas members are getting into the kings already in deeper water. If so what would be the ideal lure selection. This is my first year fishing the big lake. My first trip last month i did real good with browns and planning on heading north again next weekend but im really itching to hook onto a king ir two.
  3. Nothing trolling or drifting with livebait but went in to martins for perch and hit 46 perch all around 14”, so it turned out to be a good day.
  4. Rtrucking. Theses are pics of my boat before and after i painted it.
  5. Hey i want to thank all you guys for the excellent imfo and help. Me and the wife had a great trip to the lake this past weekend. We arrived in mexico around 6 am saturday after the 3 hr drive and getting our licenses. By 7:15 had our first brown. We went 4 out of 10 saturday. Then anchored the boat and slept in the cuddy and got an early start sunday morning. We went 8 out of 10 sunday in 4hrs of fishing then packed up and drove back. I dont think we did to back for a first time fishing browns on the big lake. Thanks again guys without your help i dont think we would of had as good of a trip as we had. We will be heading back up in two or three weeks.
  6. I understand your looking for a mud line or green water. I was moreless useing clear gin water as an example to know what colors would be considered natural colors. But thanks for the info that 95% of the time u wont find fish in clear water. Thats good to know so i dont waste any time and try to get on the fish.
  7. This may be a silly question for some of you seasoned vets,but coming from a rookie who wants to learn how to catch more fish on the big lake i gotta ask it. What color spoons are considered natural colored spoons? My thought would be silver black gold brown, but Some people post natural colors also bein greens and blues. So pretty much what im asking is if i was spring brown fishing in gin clear water what “natural” color combinations would you guys reach for first. I understand theres alot of factors that may go into play when deciding a color but kinda lookin to be pointed in a direction of colors. Thanks. Mike
  8. Think im gonna go for mexico i have to stop at fat nancys at 5 when they open for a license and more gear and its not to far down the rd from selkirk. Chowdaire can u give me a little insight into which direction i should st art fishing once i launch at mexico. LIke i said im new to this spring brownie fishing. But from the sounds of things the direction really dont matter as u need to find a mud line or warmer water. Whats ur thoughts?
  9. Apperciate the info guys im gonna look into them launches cause its gonna be a pain with the bigger boat at selkirk. Rtrucking yea i believe we met last year on the pack ive been killing the perch there but trying something new and wanna get in on the brownie action up north. Thanks again.
  10. Hey fellas, this is my first post on this site. Just wanted to introduce myself a lilttle and get some insight for my upcoming trip to the lake. My name is Mike and im from the Scranton PA area. Last fall i bought an older 25ft Bayliner trophy hardtop with all intentions of making trips up north everyother weekend. This weekend is gonna be my first trip for browns. I spent many hours this winter reading forums and watching videos so i feel i got a good idea how to hook up on a few browns. Im as confident as a rookie can be. Lol. My only issue is location. Im only familiar with port ontario and salmon river. Been fishing the salmon run in the river since i was a kid. So my plan is to launch from selkirk shores Once in the lake i was thinking of heading west towards the power plant in search of warmer water and fish. My main question is thou, is there a better public launch that i can easily launch my 25 ft boat in this area. Or even is the area i plan on fishing no good for spring browns? Thank you for any imput in advance. Mike
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