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  1. You don't need springs on the top of your mast. Attached is a jpeg of the top of my Big Jon manual mast. I've been using it for over 25 years. Never needed a spring and never jumped the string over the pulley. I have broken 2 of the reels over the years because they are plastic, but parts were available from Big Jon for a fairly reasonable price. If reels were metal like Cisco, these things would be perfect but I'm sure would be way more expensive, so I get it. This year I'm going to try to build a cordless drill attachment that will allow me to wind in with my cordless Milwaukee drill. I'll probably be buying another reel if things don't go according to plans.
  2. I bought my 9.9 Yamaha on line from Shipyard Island Marine in Wisconsin. Great price and back then, no sales tax. Don't know if you can get away with that these days but I would try. I had to have it delivered to my work because you need a fork lift to unload from truck and put in my pick up truck. Whole process was easy but I worked for a fairly small company. You could probably pick it up in Wisconsin if you were in the neighborhood or felt like a road trip. Shipyard phone number 920-847-2533
  3. And my point was, if your turning in a battery, you get over twice as much at a scrap yard and you don't have to push it into a store and endanger some poor clueless store clerk with acid.
  4. BTW Walmart batteries suck. Cheap Chinese junk that doesn't last. Also, $5 core charge is a joke. Last time I took a used up battery to scrap yard, they gave me $12. Got rid of a bunch of brake rotors and other metal scrap in the same trip. Bought my battery on line from Advanced, got a discount for ordering on line and picked it up on the way to the scrap yard. Win Win Win
  5. Buy an electric start with the alternator option. It charges the battery as you troll. I have a 9.9 Yamaha High thrust and love it. It also has the pull start rope for back up. Have never used it. I also hooked up a Pro Troll 2 digital throttle. I think moving your 2nd battery to the bow is the way to go.
  6. You want dipsey rods for dipseys. You can use any fast rod for down riggers and lead core and planer boards if you use big boards. If your using in line boards, you need a stiffer rod or a rod made for in line boards. I use wire for my dipsey rods with a twilly tip. I use the same two dipsey rods on Erie and Ontario and they are always in the water, any time of year. Dipsey reels are both big size Okuma's, one Catalina and one cold water. I don't think they make the Catalina anymore.
  7. I have Big Jon's and they work just fine if you keep your ball weight to 10 pounds or less. With 12 pounders they come up too slow which tells me you are over heating the motor. I use 10 pound pancake weight and they are acceptable. I custom fit the Cannon retro ease cords to my Big Jon's. In my humble opinion, you need a retrieval cord if you have long booms.My buddy has Scotties and the work great but are kinda ugly. Scotties are nice cause your only using battery to pull them up. Down is manual slip clutch. Kinda cool. My brother in law has the high speed Cannon mag 10's. They are way to fast. When they hit the auto stop, the stop is very violent I'm sure they will cause boom damage eventually. He broke the boom end pulley in the first few weeks but Cannon replaced it free. They also gave him replacement's for his other two riggers so I think they changed the design because the parts couldn't handle the violent stop.
  8. I use the orange Cannon folding boards. I have pulled them under water a couple times in big waves but that is over 10 to 12 years. Just slow way down and they surface. I hate otter boats. They take up huge amounts of room in your boat and you have to dick around forever with keel location and knots and extra keels etc to get them to pull correctly. My cannons worked great first time in the water and fold up to about 2 inches thick to store in boat when running in and off shore. I pull them with a big jon mast and recently switched to Amish Outfitters spectra tow line, 300 pound test. That tow line comes in 300 ft spools and I like having the extra length on my mast. Kind of pricey for tow line bought 2 spools anyway. The dacron tends to get weak from sun exposure and breaks off at the board every few years which is a huge pain when your pulling 8 or 9 lures.
  9. If I were you, I would forget about Roemers and buy Chamberlains. Way better
  10. 20 lb Berkley big game (green). I used to use braid, but would get out fished every time by my brother using mono, so I switched. Your right it will suck when the fleas are around. I use Sea Flee then. Also braid ruined my Roemer releases. Sawed grooves into jaws. 15 Lb Seaguar leaders, long as you can make them and still reach the fish with your net.
  11. nice, I should have been there. Don't know about that lame ass yellow stick bait. Ralph must have been taking lure selection lessons from Fig.
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