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  1. The 10.9 marking on the head of the bolt indicates it is a metric bolt and an indication of it's tensile strength properties. Before going nuts trying to force it into an imperial threaded hole, I would take it to a hardware store that has all the test thread gages and confirm it is metric. I don't know if Mercruiser uses metric bolts or not.
  2. Awesome, check is in the mail in about an hour jv
  3. Harvey, We talked yesterday about 10 pounders. I would like to buy one 10 pound torpedo and one used 10 pound long tail pancake. I think you said $40 plus $16 shipping. If you can confirm that, I'll send you a check. Best regards Jim V
  4. Can I pick up a 10 pounder and bring cash? Where are you located? If I like it, I'll buy a couple more same method.
  5. I'm interested in trying a 10 pounder. Do you have that yet ? Cost ? I've tried 12 pound weights on my electric big Jon's but they are too slow to retrieve.
  6. I took a picture of the gas valves as promised. Port valve allows selection of gas tank for the kicker motor. Picture attached. Allows you to get gas to kicker from either the main tank or the auxiliary tank or off. Starboard valve is exactly the same but allows you select which tank you want to feed gas to your main engine. Main or aux or off for winter storage. Hope this helps.
  7. Perhaps you should have just paid up to get 20hp. Now you need to deal with all the aggravation. How much did you really save ? If they made it an easy conversion, everyone would do it. Sometimes you get what you pay for.
  8. I make my own. I buy alligator clips from McMaster-Carr. I use key hole shaped shower curtain clips from Lowes or Home Depot. I bought red silicone rubber pincher pads on line (EBAY) They are 0.60 dia by 0.187 thick. I bought like 500 of them in 2006 for $15. Enough for a life time and I have fixed up 3 or 4 close friends and still have a hundreds left over. I epoxy 2 pads into clips using 3M epoxy. They release great on walleye but may not always release on small junk fish. I'm typically pulling 20 ft jets or lead core with mono running thru pincher pads. Braid thru pads doesn't work that well, so I don't use braid at all. Work perfect on Lake O with spoons on mono. If you don't want to invest in all the components, you can just buy Weldons, but mine work better because of the pads I use. Mine actually release by themselves most of the time.
  9. I got both. Still catch a **** load of fish on big boards. For walleye, you have to have releases that perform well or it can be frustrating.
  10. Looks like tow line on drivers side will be sawing your face in half unless you get a tall mast. Bow mount will be sawing on your stored rods. Ideally, the farther forward the better. I use the string retrieve curtain hooks but they need to be round plastic ones not wire ones that are keyhole shaped ( on the tow line end). Keyhole shaped one's wrap them selves around the tow line when its windy and wavy because they aren't symmetrical. By the way, in a tight turn when your not paying attention, the tow line can get under your rod line guides and flip your vertical stored or fished rods right out of the boat if they aren't locked in. I've seen it happen.
  11. you will probably get it. Good luck with the sale and the kicker.
  12. Good luck, I'm sure it will be fine. My Evinsuki was purchased new in 2002 and ran great for at least 10 years. I had it repaired before I replaced it with the Yamaha. I intend to put it back on the Crestliner when I sell my Crestliner and replace it with a 26 foot Pursuit if this covid BS ever runs it's course. The Yamaha will be moved to the Pursuit. Now is not a good time to replace the boat because prices are insanely high due to the pandemic. Boats priced at 40 to 45 K are now 60 K if you can find one that isn't salt water used.
  13. I bought a 9.9 high thrust yamaha (T9.9xeh) long shaft in March 2015. $3050 delivered I installed a protroll 2 digital throttle controller. I use it on a 22 foot Crestliner Eagle. you don't need any thing bigger HP wise for a kicker on my boat and talked a guy who uses same motor on a 26 foot fiberglass boat that said same thing before I bought mine. Bought from Shipyard Island Marina, inc in Wisconsin 920-847-2533. Absolutely zero problems. Purrs like a kitten, will troll all day on a gallon of gas. If I had it to do over, I probably won't spend the extra money for long shaft because I can't tilt it completely out of the water when running off main engine or in a slip. When I bought it Yamaha gave me 2 extra years warranty for free, but I never used it. My kicker before that was a 15HP Evinrude 4 stroke which was actually manufactured by Suzucki. That motor had constant issues and Evinrude couldn't even supply replacement parts. Just my 2 cents
  14. No there is no reserve label. Like I said, 1 valve is for main engine and the other is for the kicker motor. Mine also both feed to the same spin off fuel filter. I have two fuel lines down stream of the filter. One feeds my I/O engine and the other feeds my kicker motor. See attached picture. Happy to help
  15. That cost is per year for onX , so you would have to buy it and split the cost with all the people hunting your property. I'm thinking buy it once and start painting trees or marking them with plastic tape. They have a free trial so I may try that next summer to see how well it actually works.
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