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  1. I would like 2 16lb Torpedo's shipped to 13111 what would the total be and how would you like payment?
  2. Very Nice they look to be having fun!!!! That's what is all about.
  3. Can I see a updated picture with all you have?
  4. I sent a PM I am interested in these please give me a call number in PM.
  5. Are these still available? Wife looking for Ideas for me lol
  6. Uncle Bubba

    for sale : usa Free

    Hey Chris I would take the Eagle gps off your hands I live outside Fairhaven Either ship or maybe meet up. Shoot me a text315-806-1231
  7. What is loaded on the reels?
  8. My Nephew shoot this with his crossbow yesterday morning in town of Volney in Oswego County NY first Buck!!!!
  9. I am new to trolling this year and was wondering where to start and what to use to start this late in the season. Thanks for any help you can give.
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