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  1. Any idea of when to expect or a tracking number? TKS.
  2. Could you let me know when you ship out my releases, hopefully going to Ontario next week, thanks JB
  3. Wondering if I should cancel my check for releases? Any imput
  4. Are the silver hawks spinning or casting rods? TKS
  5. I hope we all try to do local business but I know I couldn’t find the new fire stick 120s anywhere and muzzleloader.com sent them right out, good to know when in a pinch
  6. Sent PM obvious you aren’t in Mexico any more but where abouts are you located? Thanks John
  7. Yes do you want it? You can come look if interested, I just figured you didn’t want it. Call me or text tomorrow and see what we can do
  8. Sounds good, shoot me a text or call and will see, thanks
  9. Price is $150.00 and located in Fingerlakes 14541
  10. PSE toxic- 150lb, 330fps hard case, sling, scope, new string, 2cocking strings, bolts great shape/great shooter. Call or text John@ 607-227-3609
  11. PSE Toxic 125lb, 325 fps, with hard case, new string, scope, sling, bolts, great shape. $200.00 pick up in Romulus or meet up 607-227-3609
  12. Any chance of pick up? Location? Thanks
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