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  1. I might try to make it out that way Saturday if they are still available
  2. FYI... You're likely to get hate mail in your inbox now from that individual in regards to that beat up boat Lol
  3. I always have a snack on board and when I'm hungry I'll say if I eat they gotta eat
  4. Now THIS boat has been taking care of as can be seen in the pics What an awesome boat.. Too bad you have to sell it and the next owner will have one hell of a rig
  5. Definitely a sharp looking boat But a little older than I'm looking for and and I need a boat that I can use on smaller lakes also Shes a little big !!! Good luck selling
  6. Yes thank you.. I'm not interested in that boat for various reasons!!!!! Appreciate it
  7. Definitely dont mind a drive but I'm looking for and outboard, not an io... I shouldve put that in original post Thank you for your reply
  8. Thank you but definitely looking for something newer Boat I sold was a 1990.. I want to significantly upgrade and also want an outboard (I shouldve put that in my post also)
  9. Looking for a boat that's between 18-20 ft.. no older than a 05 and an outboard, no IO's. Struck out on 10 different boats online(every one I check on is already sold or is pending) Need a boat for this years season Looking to spend no more than $30k
  10. Interested in this!!!!! Where are you located?
  11. I am a processor... I have been doing this 15 years now..All sausage that leaves the shop is 100% you're own however the smoke meat is community meat. ..ALOT of guys have "problems" with a community product.. Here is the thing guys have to understand, As a processor I want EVERY SINGLE POUND OF SMOKE MEAT that leaves my shop to be 100% so I go through meat and only use what I feel is good meat..after I'm done inspecting and prepping meat, Bill's, Jim's, Jeff's, George's, Joe's meat is ALL the same quality before it hits the grinder..
  12. Interested 716 378 2955 Text me please
  13. If this is still available at 1st of the year I'm interested 100%
  14. Fishinjohn

    for sale : usa 2019 Starcraft STX 2050

    WOWSERS LOVE THIS BOAT!!!!!!!! Unfortunately just a tad out of my reach for price
  15. What type of wrap are you looking for? A vinyl wrap? Or are you looking for winterizing wrap? might be better to specify Here is one but not sure exactly what you're looking for OR if they have a mobile wrapping service for you
  16. Fishinjohn

    for sale : usa 2001 1800 Lund Fisherman

    Where are you located?
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