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  1. Another fun event this year! Thanks to all the organizers! If you didn’t enter this year, you missed out bros! and should def put it it on the calendar for next year. Fun format, prize loaded raffle built into the entry fee, and a pretty lively scene at the weigh in! Good vibes!
  2. Awesome job, great looking boat! I have one just like it but side console and no where near as nice!
  3. 8$, lengths 3 7/8” or 3 1/4” just depending on the design. 0.016” thickness.
  4. Go check out http://www.hijackerlures.com I’m running a spring sale now through March 24th. Use the code SPRING at checkout for free shipping on any order over 40$. A bunch of new hot designs for 2022! inventory is limited, get em while they’re hot!
  5. I’ve been working on something similar to this, I’ve caught fish on it.
  6. This thread is V interesting. Glow in the dark. Clearly popular among lure makers, but among fish?
  7. http://www.finefishing.com/flies/colorovision trout.htm one of a couple good articles out there on salmonoid vision. I’ve often pondered your question as well Ben! From my admittedly limited experience, I’ve kind of come to the conclusion that “contrast” seems more important than “color” (if that even makes sense) Whether that means contrast between the colors on the lure itself or contrast between the lure and the water. That said, what do I know!? I think it would be really fun and interesting to employ an underwater camera. while - to sk8’s point- it wouldn’t give a true idea of what the fish are seeing, it would probably “shed light”- ha ha- on general light penetration at different depths/water conditions. On a cloudy day in murky water, is it just pitch black 100 feet down?
  8. Last week to get your order in for 20% off any order over 40$ use the code HIJACKHOLIDAYS at checkout. http://www.hijackerlures.com thanks for looking!
  9. Pm me dirt and I’ll get ya squared away for sure! but for the record, I’m sold out of only 5 patterns: Stapel gun, Holmfry, ultimate warrior, cruisin for a bruisin, and KISS. some patterns I am sold out of one size but not the other, so that’s worth paying attention to as well at check out.
  10. Nickel plated brass, 0.016” thickness (pretty light and thin) sized 3 1/4” or 3 7/8” depending on the design. I do also have a few in 2 1/4” but very few.
  11. Some more photos of what I’ve made. Some of these are not yet available for sale, some are in stock, some are super low stock, and some are sold out, but just to give you all a further idea of my designs.
  12. Yes, I do that in case you want to use single hooks instead of trebles, as many people do, or different size/material split rings/hooks. I’ll consider changing that policy though for sure. Appreciate the support and the order very much though zinger! Hope they work as well for you as they have for me!
  13. They are all Nickel plated brass, 0.016” thick, (thinner than most) and either 3 1/4”, 3 7/8” (or both) depending on the design.
  14. Go check out http://www.hijackerlures.com for our holiday sale running today through December 10th! Use the code HIJACKHOLIDAYS at checkout for 20% off any order over 40$ Spoons are super limited production (batches of ~10) and don’t come back into stock for at least a year, if ever, so get em while they’re hot! You can also follow along as new designs hit on Instagram @hijackerlures Thanks for taking a peek! Tim
  15. Missed your call Brian, I was sleepin already! Similar to you, shakedown trip yesterday. Little slow for us but the boat ran good and the day was nice. Picked up two Lakers on the “ultimate warrior” pattern. (Sort of a take-off on the wonderbread color scheme) I’ll give ya a holler back sometime today and we can figure out a time/place to link up or something. www.hijackerlures.com if you want to peek at what I have in inventory. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. I heard they are exempt from EPA regs. True or false? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  17. Thank you guys for all the kind words and support, can’t tell you how much I appreciate it! To everyone that placed an order over the weekend, your spoons shipped out today. Thanks again! Hijack em! Tim Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. Hi all, little self-promo post here but I just wanted to put it out there. Go check out www.hijackerlures.com I put up a sale for all you finger lakes home team guys through March 24th: 20% off and free shipping on any order over $35. Just use the discount code LOU at checkout. I do this as a total hobby so my inventory is super limited, and once they’re gone, they’re gone, until I make more. (5-10 of each colorway/size currently) but I just wanted to give the community here some love and a nice deal before spring kickoff! some details: After a bunch of R&D, I settled on using a high-end automotive industry clearcoat that I’ve found to hold up quite well to distress. They’re all .016 thick (pretty thin!) nickel plated brass with nickel cups, sizes are noted in the store. They come with split rings and #3 or #4 VMC hooks depending on size. Anyhow, give the site a look if you want, hope you like what I’ve come up with, and as always: thanks for the great reports, info, and general entertainment. Hijack Em! Tim Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  19. Went out Friday afternoon and Saturday morning (thanks again to awesome friends!) Friday afternoon tried sticks and boards shallow 10-50fow, water was crystal clear and could see trout in groups cruising bottom in about 15 feet, but no takers after an hour and half. First time ever on a boat running boards so I was exhilarated nonetheless. Switched it up and went to 60-80 down, poked around circling off creek mouths from 100-200 and it picked right up, ended up doing 4 or 5 lakers and a salmon with the hits all coming on the shallow side of the loops and the deeper side of the spread. Saturday morning we just went right to what worked the night before, 70-80 over 100-120 and picked up a solid dozen lakers while the Silvers were hiding. Purple was the ticket. Beautiful weather both days and I felt super blessed to hitch a ride. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. [emoji1305] Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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