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  1. Hi, would you ship to me across the lake in Ontario?? Frank
  2. It depends on there condition. Between $2-5$ each. Here is my cell if it’s easier to text me. 519-718-2345 Frank
  3. Hi, 


     I live near London Ontario. Can you send some pics of the spoons to my email. And yes I’m aware of the postage to Canada.


    Here is my email

    [email protected]





  4. Hi, do you have of the Alpena spoons left to sell? Frank
  5. Hi, did you already sell you lures?? Frank
  6. Hi, how much for the lot of lures. I live across Lake Erie near London Ontario. Thanks Frank cell 519-718-2345 email [email protected]
  7. Great , here is my cell number . It’s easier to text me. 519-718-2345 Frank
  8. Hi, have you sold your boat yet? Frank
  9. I don’t have any lures for sale and not sure how they got posted on my account .
  10. I did not post this and not sure how it was attached to my account.
  11. For Sale: 3 Big Jon swivel bases $80 esch and Titelok Scotty, and Roberts rod holders. contact Frank at 519-718-2345
  12. Hi, do you still have the Alpena Diamonds for sale?? Thanks Frank
  13. Hi, Anyone who has Lure Jensen Alpena Diamonds for sale please contact me at 1 (519) 718-2345. Thanks Frank
  14. Hi, would that unit work on a kicker motor?? I live in Tillsonburg. Frank
  15. Hi, I’m interested in your Lure Jensen Alpena Diamond spoons. I live in Ontario Canada South-West of London. Frank 519-718-2345
  16. Hi, Do you have any lures left to sell?? Frank
  17. Hi, could you message me at [email protected] or text 519-718-2345 Thanks Frank
  18. Hi, do you still have you Alpena lures for sale?? Thanks Frank
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