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  1. I'm looking for two 4x4 big Jon downrigger bases cheaper the better located in Syracuse but will drive
  2. I'll take them I've been looking for some
  3. I don't no if your in to trading but I have aold Penn no.49 super Mariner on a roller rod
  4. Does anyone have or can point me in the right direction to get a Seth Green rig
  5. Anyone know where I can get a Seth Green rig
  6. Where are you located and do you have a closer pick of the real and the line
  7. Seth green it's pretty much a setup where you got five leaders about 10 15 feet apart on one line with a weight at the bottom pretty much a bottom bouncer they use them in the finger lakes for lake trout
  8. Yeah I looked them up online it says permanently closedI've never used one I just picked up an old fiberglass roller rod with an old Penn 49 it's got copper on it with like clips I think it's an old rig
  9. I'm looking to buy a full set up Seth Green rig if you have anything please let me know
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