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  1. I found marine ply at matthews and field lumber in rochester on stonewood ave 585-663-0430. I don't think they sell much, they had to search for it. I think they didn't raise the price since they got it in .If I remember maybe 120.00 That was two years ago. The guy that brought it out and helped me load said it was way heavier than regular plywood. Other places said they could get it but had to order it in.
  2. Did the transom on my sea nymph I was surprised how reasonable marine fir ply was. I was all set to use cheaper stuff but yes it was more expensive but not by that much. Huge difference between the marine ply and the acx I put between the two layers. Marine ply was mostly solid the other stuff had voids. I second the vinyl floor idea. My first pontoon was old old old but had a vinyl floor and the floor was great except for where it was cut and let water through. I did epoxy the transom but the entire time I thought how long is this going to outlive me. itched
  3. Yes I have been guilty of letting fish get freezer burn then trying to smoke or bbq it. But letting those nice perch go to waste is a sin like you said give them away or anything but dump them. My friend in Fla that used to live in Michigan was very upset. He wanted to come this fall to fish with me but I am hit and miss with perch in the fall. First time in 23 years skunked on fall run salmon or browns . Had some on but none in the boat. Hope next year is better. Going to try the downriggers for the first time . Hope I learned enough here to make something happen.
  4. So I guess this could be a fishing report because someone caught these and for whatever reason dumped them ?? South end of Long pond at the parking lot. No idea if they were caught there but was taking the dog for a walk and happened upon this pile of perch at the edge of the lot. What possible reason would you keep the fish only to waste them by dumping them out. Unreal how some people think... or don't think
  5. That and check the plugs to see if one is fouled. My 1996 9.9 was doing that if I cleaned it would run again. Internet searching said that was possible if the fuel pump diaphragm had a tear. Rebuilt the fuel pump and problem went away. I do note that its very cold blooded when the temp drops I have to warm it up for several minutes or it will stall once armed up it runs fine. Good luck with it
  6. Hey netbender just ran my 9.9 on the muffs and had a small trickle right at the back near my oil drain plug. Hope its normal
  7. Well my 96 is rated for 150 it has a 150 two stroke and a 9.9 4 stroke. handles that weight and power fine. It does have a 4 blade stainless and flies out of the hole. Good to know if I repower I can go smaller 4 stroke . Might have to pick your brain on a new motor if the old one acts up.The original two cable steering works fine for me so far. Bet you cant wait to start breaking the new motor in.
  8. My 96 has aluminum floor but ply over the gas tank. In storage so I cant measure it. Only place I feel flex is one corner in the stern. Hasn't bothered me enough to investigate, maybe a popped rivet? Did a vinyl floor on my pontoon years ago. If I ever rip out the carpet it will be vinyl.
  9. All open water in the ponds, streams along the Ont. lake shore
  10. Sweet deal, bought a 96 Nymph 195 a few years ago, replaced the transom after two years , not a terrible job. I love the way it rides for an aluminum boat. Old 96 150 and it makes me smile out of the hole even with the 9.9 extra weight on the back. May get rid of my Wellcraft eventually. Maybe repower and keep this as my all around boat. Good luck with it.
  11. Lost a spoon my dad painted it was catching a lot of fish . More upset that it was one of his rather than it was catching fish.
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