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  1. efischlein

    Canandaigua canandaigua

    Fished out of woodville 9:30 to 3:00 today with a buddy. We ran 6 lines on riggers ranging from 40' to 70' with mostly green/silver/white colored spoons. We picked up a 5.2 lb rainbow about 10:30 down 59' and had a couple of other releases with nothing to show for. After 12:00 we got into the lakers picking up 5, the largest right at 5 lbs. most fish were caught trolling the mile north from white rock on east shore. We had no releases trolling south on the east shore. 1 laker caught on west shore trolling south. 3 lakers were on the 60' to 70' lines, 2 of them on the 40'. Fish and bait were inside the 100 fow contour. Catch rate was acceptable for us giving the time of day we were forced to fish, trailering in from the west. In hindsight we should have spent less time trolling south on the east shore after we picked up on the trend....water fleas were present and a slight nuisance.
  2. Was out in the afternoon. Nothing down the west side to Tichnor Point. Cross over to east side. Pick up three nice lakers 3-5#s up around the Dragon wall. I was using a silver copper backed Sutton 44 with a green tape on the silver. Running in 85-77ft of water rigger at 80ft. Doing 2.8 to 3.0mph. Marked a few bait pods around some smelt and some sawbellies. Fish were sitting on the bottom. Took them right home and had them curling on the grill in an hour. Yumm.
  3. Expert: Worst fish die-off in years on Canandaigua LakeRead more: http://www.mpnnow.com/topstories/x1806114249/Expert-Worst-fish-die-off-in-years-on-Canandaigua-Lake#ixzz2XorzSUqk
  4. Got to the North end launch by 5AM. Met my dad there and got the new ride (Tidewater 186CC) in the water. Laker taker (Chuck) and his crew launched at the same time and off to Meneth point we went. Program was 2 riggers, wire dipsey and a leadcore. Day started off a little slow but it was steady. First was a rip on the dipsey set at 2.5 with white SD with green hammer fly (220 feet). Handed rod to my father and it was on for a few minutes, fish decided he did not want to play and spit a tournament tie. Dipsey was quiet rest of the day. Riggers started to fire after we dropped him (30 to 70 feet down). Next was a 3 pound bow that took stinger orange crush and gave us a show. Reset after we released him and same rod fires, real nice male bow, about 7.5 pounds. Dad had a ball with that one! While he was fighting that one, leadcore fires and I had something there for 30 seconds and gone. Landed his bow, took a quick pic and back into the H2o he went. Reset the riggers and another 3 pound bow, reset again and a 4 pound bow. We stayed around Meneth most of the morning. Ended up going 4 for 8, all bows. Orange crush stinger took three bows and stinger sunkist took the forth bow. All bows were released to fight another day. It was a good day to be out with my father! Thanks!
  5. Here you go,..Launch is a Go..! However there is only One Finger,...! and That has a 3 rail Hand rail...Makes it tough to launch solo.. .. The sign says the dock is Temporary...Lets hope so,.....Good news Bad news,....The Concrete chevrons go out to the end of the Dock,..I paced 18 paces from end of Dock to shore...So,..The big boats have plenty of concrete,...No big drop off as far as I could tell...looks to be 4' + deep.at the end.!Tough part is gettin around the Dang rail.....You will see..!you Need 20' arms Or 3 people to launch a canoe 3 dual axle trailers already in the parking lot,..and no boats to be seen,...Good sign for big boys. Fished 8 am,..nice breeze South>5KTS slight chop...till Noon...Took one 24" Rainbow on the Old School Seth Green...2nd Lead,..30 oz sinker...7 strand wire...( Ya,.Real old school..) bout 60-80 feet down,....She jumped with all that Hardware and Sinker,.... earned all my Respect and a Nice spot in my Coola Trolled E side,..saw decent bait balls....Good News..! I had thought the Zebras had killed that whole bottom food chain and the Sawbellies were next..!..Fish were in the Bait as well.. Also took a 14"Rainbow on the Float rig....( Remember what That is..! ya,,old school again..! )2nd lead down 18oz.60'TL ....bout 30' down....Let that guy go with all the new regs ect...I do not agree with,..but..Both took silver hammered flutters,..bout 2"long All in all,..beatiful day on the Lake,..few boats..nice breeze..clear,..and a View Of Bear Hill...Awsome day on the water..! Tight Lines..!
  6. I just spoke with a DEC rep and he told me that the woodville lauch won't be open til April 1 (DEC website originally said it would be done around mid-January). When i asked him why it wasn't finished on time, he said - and i quote: "the cold weather has really set them back." WOW - i moved here from texas 8 years ago and it didn't take me that long to realize it's gets cold here in the winter. As someone who lives near hemlock, woodville is a lot closer than watkins or taughannock. I know the N ramp is open on Canandaigua, but last Feb i caught a lot of lakers in the south end and was hoping to replicate that. Does anyone do well in the N. end of Canandaigua this time of year? andre
  7. Fished Canandaguia today for the first FLTA tournament of the year ... Fished the the south end, we ran cores coppers wires rigs and downriggers.... Fishing was slow today for us and really had to work to put some fish in the boat but picked away and managed to get a few... Overall we went 4 for 5 with a laker and 3 browns placing us in 4th place for the day.... It was great to see everyone again and already cant wait til Keuka !!! Mike
  8. Hi all, according to the DEC website the woodville launch closed November 19 (for construction) and will "remain closed for approximately two months." Has anyone been by there recently or know if they are on schedule? thanks, andre
  9. Just curious as to if anyone has been getting anything off any of the piers. Considering a little trip in the next few days. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  10. A couple things - The channel at the north end of Canandaigua Lake is at the moment only barely 2 ft. in some places. I had to perch on the bow of my buddy's 19 ft Penn Yan today with the lower unit tilted all the way up to safely make it to the lake and back. Secondly, is the fact that the DEC is checking folks out at the launch ramp (which is a good thing). The small aluminum boat ahead of us returning tonight was ticketed (as they should have been) for only having one life jacket (not sure whether anyone was wearing it) for two people. The water temperature was 44 degrees today. If that boat had ever capsized at least one of those dudes would have been "history".
  11. i was hoping to launch out of woodville later this week but drove past there today and it is under some kind of construction. does anyone know 1) what they're doing there and 2) when the ramp is supposed to be ready for use? thanks, andre
  12. I think we should start a protest so that we can get a increase out on the lake to three rainbows a day as this is alot more fairly as we have alot invested in our boats. This decrease from five rainbows to one has had a very bad effect on people who charter on the lakes as many people love catching rainbows.
  13. Did a final trip to the lake yesterday to give my stands and my a.. a break, and to winterize the boat. Nice morning on the lake while it lasted. Did 3 avg. sized lakers in just over an hour running the meat rig before my kicker started to act up . After running "flawlessly" to start, I turned it off to land what I thought was "the big one" (turned out to be a 21" wrapped up, being pulled in sideways ) Upon re-starting the kicker, it would run for 10-15 seconds then just cut out. IDK, probably a fuel issue, so I called it a season. Hopefully I will have it figured out by March. BTW- the new floating docks have been removed, but the handicap dock is still there and worked fine for my 17 footer. Also the channel was 1.9' deep at its shallowest point, most of it was about 2.3' deep. Good luck to everyone still on the water or out in the woods! LTtroller (Bob)
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