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I had to work Saturday and the forecast for Sunday is as ideal, so we decided to have a kids fishing trip out of sodus.  My brother and I took my son (9) nephew (10) and daughter (11) on an offshore fishing trip, after hearing of a great king bite all week.  

we ran out to 120 and set up with 3 rigger (40, 55, 85) a slide diver out 90 and a regular dipsey out 180.  On one board we did top lines, and the other we did short cores.  It was An all spoon program, to start.


we had pretty steady action 180-240 on north south trolls. 3 of our first 4 fish were steelhead in the top 20 feet - as long as it had some red on it (mixed veggies worked too).  Eventually kings took over the action, and our last 8 or 9 bites were salmon.  We had an even mix of 1 and 2 year old salmon, with one 14 lb king that absolutely trashed my spread (had 4 lines wrapped up in it after almost passing my planer board, lol).  Bites were spoons mostly 35-60 down (10 color, 7 color, 100 dipsey, rigger) and we had one deep rigger that took all of our major shots (we only converted one of the 4 though).  Weather was gorgeous, kids had a blast- an ideal day 




Water temp is 47 on the surface. Starting to see a lot more bait, especially in that 150 to 200 range.  The salmon were stuffed with a 2-3 inch alewife.


sounded like a lot of the big fish moved east on us. 

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