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Sold / Closed Custom Painted Rapala Scatter Rap Tail Dancers

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Consolidating my personal lures from the boat and seeing if anyone would be interested in these Rapala Scatter Rap Tail Dancers. Theres 32 in total, 16 per Plano box. All are custom painted by yours truly and most have never seen the water. Asking $100 per box/16 plus ship costs. Will ship with designated Plano box also. If you wanted all 32 (boxes), I'll ship for free for $200 total. If someone does not know about these Rapala Scatter Raps, they will dive to up to 19' unassisted and have an erratic, darting action. Also, they are very productive behind a dipsy diver for you Lake Erie/Lake Ontario guys looking for an added edge. PM me if interested.



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