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Fly N Fish Rochester 27 March Afternoon

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Was tough to go to work yesterday morning seeing how calm the lake was and I had that fishing itch all day.


Hit the water after work at 4:30 motored down to shipbuilders only to find clear water moved in.  Searched around but no luck on finding good water inside and picked away at a few. Turned out and worked that 20'-30' and it was game on even had a quad at one point.


9 rod spread, 2 x chinook divers, 2 x 1 colors, 5 flat lines.


Both natural and bright colors worked despite the clear water. Chartreuse Bay rat and Smithwick, Mongoose Stinger, Chicken wing Stingers with gold back.  


Got one close to 10lbs biggest so far.


Should be back out Saturday weather permitting....



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