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chart plotter/combo

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Have an Lowrance Hook7tripleshot.  Used it about 10 times then had some issues with it. Spoke to Lowrance tech people 2 yrs ago when it was acting up. They had me take the Navi card out and upload new firmware and some other downloads.  Well the boat needed repairs so it took time to repair, New Floor and complete rewire of the whole boat. Got it done for this weekend, Sonar seem to be working but Chart plotter only shows blue water, no waypoints no structure , nothing but blue water. Spent 2 hrs on hold at the dock because they needed it in the water to try somethings. after an hour withthe tech person they guess the last guy had me wipe the maps out. was told i need to call Navionics cause its there mapping. Well tomorow morning I'll call first thing see what kind of song and dance I'll get. not bad spent $650 on a unit that last 10 times and now it's gonna be a door stop. Lowrance said they couldnt do much because it's an old model they dont support anymore, great customer service. Even the couple times it was used, it didnt impress me at all. Over the past 45 years I've had a wide variety of electronics starting with flashers, then paper graphs and LED units and i can say this unit is not user friendly . Should of got a Garmin. Which i will probably do, no faith in this unit or any of thier other products.

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