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(Your Name) : Fishing Report




Date(s): (fishing date here)

Time on Water: (8:00 AM – 4:00 PM)

Temp/Weather: (85°F and sunny, overcast, rain, snow)

Wind Speed/Direction: (NW at 8 MPH)

Waves: (1-2 Footers, Calm)

Surface Temp: (72°F)

Location: (fishing location)





Total Hits: (0, 5 10, etc.)

Total Boated: (0, 5, 10, etc.)

Species Breakdown: (3 Kings, 2 Bows, 1 Brown, 5 Lake Trout)

Hot Lure: (NK28, White Spindoctor with Green A-TOM-MIC Fly)

Trolling Speed: (2.1 mph)

Down Speed: (1.8 mph)

Boat Depth: (200 ft)

Lure Depth: (80 ft)


Fished in front of the bay tonight. Set up in 70fow, lot of marks on the bottom. worked out to 150fow with no releases so turned around. Let a wire diver out a little farther to 150 and within a minute got my first king to fire on a spinny. Mt dew with a leader of 31' to mariage fly. Nice teenager took the wire out to over fourhundred feet before coming to the boat. Boated two more kings in the next 25 min off the riggers. one a skipper secound another teenager. Started packing things up around 8:45 and picked up another king 7# off the rigger. Hot bite was between 90-110fow. Black glow silver cups took rigger fish. As we were packing up the screen lit up with a lot of fish in 80 fow. Not the first time I've seen this. It seems like after the sun goes down and you start to pull lines there are fish all over the graph. good luck out there.UMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS


(add pictures and any other details not captured above here)

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