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I started this season with a bang last sunday with Yankee out of Sandy and he posted some pics from our excellent trip. I went out the next 2 days fishing west, then east not to wear out the fish. The final tally for the 3 day brown trout marathon was somthing like 37 for 44 with 7 dropped fish, 5 double headers all browns except 1 coho- all fish ranged from 1 lb - 9 lbs.

The two days were good conditions with decent wind/waves and overcast skies. Here are a few photos from the next couple days.


Yankee finally got a big-un on the noodle rod check out the bend in that thing. :shock:


Back in the water


one of the larger brownies we got about 9#


Double header


Average clean football

All these fish were clean of lamprey scars except the larger one above, alot had fin clips, and some were colored like they were just out of the creek.

Lets hope this snow doesnt last, I cant wait to get back out there!

Capt. Jeremy ;)

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