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Better Than Nothing 4/7 Black river Brown trout/Steelhead

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well figured id drag my old man outta bed so we could be the only retards out fishing in a nice below freezing blizzard :D We Tried back-trolling as close to the dam as we could get,in the holes down rvier, and behind the island with no luck. so we then decided to try jigging. Bam :D too Bad its still 3 Weeks Away ;( so then after we brought the boat in i figured id try casting off the launch. caught about 5 more each, smallest being about 4lbs, biggest around 13ish. also caught a bunch of nice chain pickerel. Does anybody know if they catch many brown trout in the black river/black river bay? But anyways all in all another great weekend with my old man so i guess thats what rele matters huh. lol that and those monster fish







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I do know that there a few Browns and steelies caught out in the Bay when we are trolling for eyes. I hear of at least a dozen each year. Nice eyes, glad to see they are still there.


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