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seneca 6/29


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took my old boss and trolling keuka out fishing today. launched out of severne at 6 am and started fishing around 6:15 and stop at 11:00. we ended up going 7for8 2 LL salmon and 5 lakers. we took 2 lakers on the big weenie grease trap with a slap your mama vibrator fly attached. 1 off a dypsy out 250 with a white and green dot spin dr and a homo say what big weenie fly. the LL's came on a blue and black spoon that was on a slider. the other 2 came off a green and yellow spoon.

we ran into very little weeds and no sight of fles yet. lots of bait pods on the east side 20 to 30' foot down, with fish in then.

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