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In water at 6:30 AM. Started in 60' right in front of Bay on a N/W troll. Temp was 68 at the top and 57 at the bottom! Trolled NW out to 120. Knew we had a short morning so never went too much further and probably should have to find temp.

Boated 3. A skipper king on a clown slider, ball set at 70 over 80. 7lb brown and a 6 lb steelie both on a slider over 110 in front of river. Lure for these has a "W" (Warrior maybe?) on top that was given to me at the Mayers gas dock last week by a guy I met. (Thanks if you are reading this!) Not sure what it is called but it has gold, orange and black on the face and about half the size of a NK 28. Sorry I do not remember the name.

Warm water everywhere, just a few bait pods and not many hooks. Very glad to get what I did.

No action on wire dipsey or the braided slide diver as these have been dead for me since Spring derby at Wilson.

NW wind, light, flat building to 1 footers as a real good storm rolled through west of us. No action til the salmon chop and rain picked up at around 7:45. Off water at 9:45.

Could be a tough weekend unless someone figures out where they are or things set up a little better. Hope to be out tomorrow and Sunday.

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Thanks Brian, I have a bad habit of not remembering names.

Thanks again for the lure, it helped turn a slow day into and ok one. Just ordered the Warrior catalog off the internet.

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