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We (charter captains) don't mention numbers of how many we or the other 2 boats did on LOU post, but lets just say you could not keep rods in the water at all.

There was a nice pocket of green eater in 8'-12' water between shipbuilders and webster pier. Temp was 39.5-41.0 degrees. Mostly browns in the 3-6 pound range with a few up to 8lbs. Coho's mixed in with then in the 3-6 pound range.

Color of the day was green and firetiger in both stick baits off the boards and spoons on the riggers. The other color was red.

I would like to add a note that on my boat and the other 2, the browns where pretty much scare free of lamprey marks. Very nice to see that.

Hopefully the browns and coho's will still be around after this front comes thru. :?

tight lines

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Like KING ME said non stop action same area we only went out from 9:00 till 11:00 but had a great morning the biggest brown was 10lbs but scared up pretty bad from lamprey, all other fish were clean mostly browns with a large coho to end the trip. Colors were pretty much any thing with orange in it and blk. and silver took a few. Started to get bumpy and decided to come in, trolled around the bay for awhile with nada so called it a day.

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